EP 9
March 26, 2024

Redesigning Office Spaces for Gen-Zs


Being Open to Change in the Workplace

Recognizing and adapting to the changing mindset of the workforce, particularly generations like Gen Z and millennials is quintessential. The need of the hour is to move away from traditional enforcement tactics towards a more encouraging and inclusive approach to workplace culture and policies.

The Undisputed Role of Technology in Scaling Operations

For gig economies, addressing operational challenges and ensuring a seamless experience for workers and customers alike is non-negotiable. From digitizing attendance systems to streamlining job assignments and safety protocols, technology plays a central role in enabling companies to scale operations efficiently across multiple geographies.

“The best place to work”

The pandemic was a huge opportunity to step up and really help people and literally save lives. I must say that all the security, facility management, and workplace professionals really stepped up during that time and organizations took notice of the contributions. It really gave a seat on the table to professionals like me and so many like me around, just not being a support function, but also really being enablers to business, who were going to be important in times of crisis and business continuity.

Gaurav Bajetha
VP - Global Workplace, Trust and Safety, Urban Company

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EP 9
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Redesigning Office Spaces for Gen-Zs

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