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Veris Story in a Snapshot

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Veris is revolutionizing the way workplaces operate. Our cutting-edge platform streamlines all workplace-related processes and activities in one place, delivering an enhanced experience to your employees while optimizing efficiency and minimizing risk.

Our advanced visitor management system keeps track of who's in the building, streamlining the check-in process for a seamless and secure experience for both visitors and employees. Veris' unified employee app puts all workplace information and services in the hands of employees, making it easier than ever to manage their workday and access the resources they need to be productive.

We operate in 22 countries, and our platform has transformed over 2200 offices and facilitated more than 50 million interactions worldwide. Global giants like EY, Genpact, Bosch, Loreal, Nestle, and many more trust us to deliver an all-in-one workplace solution. Join us in stepping into the future of work with Veris.

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