Transform Your Workplace

Identity Empowered Flow

Ignite the power of Identity Management - transform your workplace into a hub of frictionless workflows and convenient experiences, attuned to people and their preferences.

Personalized Touch

Ready, set, plan

Prepare your team for the work week with everything planned, primed, and personalized.

Team Intent

Grant your employees the power to express their workspace preference - office or home, offering autonomy and enhancing productivity.

Unified Schedules

Allow managers to create synchronized team schedules, fostering cohesion and minimizing scheduling conflicts amongst employees.

Collaborative Insight

Provide visibility into colleagues' work plans and seating arrangements, facilitating better teamwork and collaboration.

Ready-to-go Resources

Assure periodic health checks, alongside an efficient system for booking amenities, paving the way for a smooth start.

Elevate Your Workspace

Welcome to effortless entry

Our solution goes beyond the ordinary, transforming your workspace into an area where technology becomes the ultimate host.

Instant Access

Automatic recognition of registered cars & people at parking barriers and access choke points.


Showcase personalized greetings on digital screens, making every person feel valued.

Smart Safekeeping

Automatic recognition of registered cars & people at parking barriers and access choke points.

Guest Comfort

Facilitate pre-approved, hassle-free entry for visitors, adding professionalism to your office.

Deliver The Best

Work day, streamlined

Immerse yourself in a harmonious experience where every task falls into place seamlessly, resulting in unparalleled productivity.

Space to Suit

Enable team reservations as per your needs, be it desks next to colleagues or a quiet zone.

Help at Hand

Provide quick and easy access to support services with just a click on the app.

Convenience Delivered

Simplify office supplies and food orders with delivery to the desks or Café Takeaways.

Voice Your Views

Offer convenient feedback sharing options that do not disrupt employee workflows.

Workspace to Wow-space

Recreation reformed

Craft memorable experiences for your employees with our intuitive event and recreation solutions that are meant to delight.

Easing Events

Easy registration for large events like interview drives or marketing events to avoid crowding.

Impressing VIPs

Enable smooth and on-behalf check-ins for VIP guests, making them feel appreciated.

Planning Sessions

Organize yoga or training sessions basis the number of bookings & location preference.

Timing Delights

Manage office food stalls efficiently via time slots and interest-based maps.


The core of our offering

Experience true interconnectivity with systems speaking to each other for a holistic solution.

In the Veris world, your array of systems - Parking management, Access control, Desk booking, Visitor management, Meeting room management, Cafeteria management, CCTV camera feed, Feedback & ticketing system, HVAC systems, and Sensor data - all speak a common language.

Empowered Administrators

The seamless integration offers deep insights, enhancing decision-making and efficiency. Administer with prowess.

Enchanted Employees

Experience unmatched convenience, transforming workdays into delightful journeys. Build a workspace that charms.

Engaged Visitors

With pre-approved access and personalized welcomes, we turn visits into memorable experiences.

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