EP 3
August 18, 2023

Designing Human-centric Workplaces


Balancing workplace design and the evolving demands of hybrid

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for human-centric workplace design, emphasizing employee emotions, engagement, and leadership support, while underscoring the importance of adaptable workspaces. With shifting expectations and the rise of remote and hybrid work, organizations must prioritize human factors like social cohesion, supervisory support, information sharing, goal clarity, open-mindedness, and trust to enhance team productivity. The challenge is to foster face-to-face interactions and innovative approaches for unity, trust, and understanding among team members in hybrid environments.

Tailoring hybrid work arrangements to suit employee needs

Hybrid work is widely accepted as a lasting trend, yet its definition and execution can differ between organizations. To succeed, each company must discern its distinctive context and establish a customized understanding of hybrid work, rather than simply emulating larger firms.

“The best place to work”

There are 6 factors tied to team productivity: The first is social cohesion amongst the team. The second is perceived supervisory support, and the third is transactive memory systems. If you're geeky like I am, the fourth is goal Clarity. The fifth is this idea of keeping open-minded about your mental models taking an external input, and watching competitors, and the sixth is trust. 

Jan Johnson
Principal, Workplace Collective LLC

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