The Veris Edge

Experience Meets Flexibility

Harness the power of a platform designed to transcend the norm, offering bespoke, secure, and globally-relevant solutions.

Built around you

Craft your distinctive workspace experience with Veris, a system inherently flexible to accommodate your unique needs.

built around you

Effortless integration

Imagine all your workplace technology speaking the same language.

In Sync with Your Systems

Veris effortlessly blends with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition.

effortless integration
Chosen by Giants Globally

Relish the excellence and reliability endorsed by Fortune 500 corporations.

giants globally

Trust and security

Our unwavering dedication is to ensure that you experience peace of mind.

GDPR Compliant, Privacy-first

Your data is yours. We safeguard your privacy while adhering to the highest data protection standards.

SOC 2 Certified and Cyber Secure

Sleep well knowing your systems are secure, tested, and certified by the most stringent standards.

trust and security

The global linguist

Veris transcends language barriers, with our platform and app fluently conversing in
over 20 languages. We speak your language, worldwide.

the global linguist

World-class support

With round-the-clock assistance through call, email, or chat, and the added assurance of a dedicated account manager, we're by your side, always.

word class support

Proven market leadership

Join the family of 300+ diverse enterprises who have embarked on their successful journeys with us. Success is our mutual language.

Wide-ranging Templates

Pre-built and proven successful, our templates simplify your workspace transformation journey.

Accelerated Deployment

Draw from our vast experience to bring future-ready changes to your workspace, swiftly.

Industry-wide Presence

Whether it's a corporate office or an R&D facility, our solutions cater to an array of business environments.

Streamline visitor

Evolving with time

Our continually expanding and evolving template library mirrors our growth and learning. With Veris, you're always a step ahead.

Stay ahead of the curve with our handpicked selection of comprehensive and actionable resources like blogs, case studies, newsletters, podcasts, and guides, crafted to take you closer to industry excellence.