Advanced Desk Booking Solution

Empower your workspace with a modern desk booking system designed to help your employees collaborate better.

advanced desk booking solution
advanced desk booking solution

Enable desk bookings on the go, anytime and anywhere

Enable on-demand booking for your spaces to ensure your team always has a desk ready, whether they're in office or on the move.

Decide your desk-tiny. Bookable or pre-assigned?

Make the most of your workspace with the freedom to pre-assign desks for short or long term to your people or make them on-demand.

Phone booths to silent work, create tailored work zones

Create a customized workspace that fits the unique needs of your team such as team collaboration, individual focus, private conversations, and more.

Match work with the perfect workstation

Showcase pictures, amenities, labels, and ratings for each desk to help your team find the perfect workspace to carry out their tasks.

Ease Desk Flexibility

Your workspace, your way

Customize your workspace to fit your team's needs with Veris Desk Management Solution. Make it easy to find the perfect spot for every task, every time, and provide your teams with the experience, agility and flexibity that they deserve.

Make every square foot count

Do more with less space and budgets. Get real-time insights on how your space is being used, allocate spaces efficiently, and repurpose underutilized areas to maximize your investment.

make every square foot count
Avoid laidback spaces with smart occupancy limits

Prevent overcrowding and maintain a comfortable & productive workplace by setting occupancy limits for teams and departments.

Visualize detailed 3D spaces with real-time occupancy

Take the guesswork out of managing your space. Get a real-time, 3D view of your floors so you can make real-time informed decisions.

Unlock maximum efficiency with smart booking rules

Streamline your booking process with smart rules that ensure spaces are used efficiently, promoting productivity and cost savings.

Say no to ghost-bookings with access control

With our Desk Management Solution, you'll never have to deal with spooky no-shows! Integrate with access control for real-time occupancy data.

Maximize every real estate dollar spent

desk management

Enhance your ROI with meaningful insights and make dynamic decisions

Get real-time insights around how your spaces are being used and who uses them to help you redefine and make data-driven decisions around workspace allocation and design.

Efficiently allocate your space for maximum productivity

Fill your floors intelligently and  allocate seats to your people next to dedicated areas such that they can access the available resources and amenities.

desk management

Optimize and repurpose your space for greater efficiency

Don't let unused space go to waste. Repurpose areas that are underutilized to meet changing needs and preferences of employees by analyzing long term patterns.

Slash your real estate costs with smarter space management

Identify areas of your workspace that are underutilized, so you can cut costs and energy consumption and take sustainable steps while still meeting your team’s needs.

How it works

Give your employees flexibility. Enable them to view teammates, book desks and more with our Desk Booking System!

Step 1
Desk Availability with Veris App

Go to the floor map. Check for the desk availability.  See if the desk next to your teammate is available for better collaboration.

Step 2
Confirm and Book Your Desk

Scan the Desk QR code to check-in from the app, and start the day on a hassle-free note!

collaborate easily
collaborate easily

Collaborate easily

Encourage your team to do their life’s best work with the Hot Desk Booking Software from Veris.

Bulk Booking

Wish to book the entire team in one go? Permit users to efficiently book.


Managing your employees in shifts or rosters? Create group employee invites.

Plan Schedules

Update work status, view, manage and optimize the work schedule and thrive.

Reserve Desks

Make recurring office desk reservations easy with dynamic options.

Latest insights

Get data-driven insights on number of bookings made, time saved, booking modes used, popular resources, etc.

Color Coding

Room availability is color coded. Available ones are in green, and unavailable ones are in blue.

Bookings & Users

Know status availability of meeting rooms, total number of participants, active users, etc.

collaborate easily
collaborate easily

Key Features

One-stop hot desk dooking software system

Return Ready Solution

Enable a safe return to work by managing workflows. Capture Employee Health & Vaccine status

Find my Friend

Enable your employees to locate hot desks close to their teammates and colleagues to collaborate better

On-spot Bookings

Allow on-spot & desk bookings to take care of ad-hoc & planned work requests and needs

Seating Maps

Visualize your workplace in 2D / 3D maps to ensure a seamless resource hoteling experience

Employee Health Status

Capture recurring health & vaccination status of employees to maintain threat levels and ensure safety

Mobile & Web App

Let your employees use the device of their choice to make and modify hot desk bookings

Streamline visitor

Give your employees the agility they need

Make your employees’ return to work easy & frictionless. Veris desk booking solution empowers your employees to book & modify desks through the device of their choice.

Real-time desk booking

View a 3D Floor Plan, filter desks on the basis of amenities or tags, and find which colleagues you want to sit next to, for effortless collaboration.

real time desk booking
Filtering Desks

In our real-time dashboard, you can filter the availability of desks through amenities provided (Wi-Fi, Smart TV, etc) or resources needed (desks or meeting rooms) or tags (teams you wish to collaborate with like sales, ops, finance, marketing, etc.)

Floor Plan View

The software gives a view of the entire floor plan in two different modes- 3D and list view. This equips you with a visual view of available desks, leading to an uber-like experience with ample opportunities for collaboration.

See what industry leaders are saying about Veris

Don't just take our word for it. Read testimonials from top professionals in your industry about the power of our visitor management system.

"Veris has smoothly integrated with our existing system, making it better and more efficient than before. They offer futuristic features and great flexibility."

Varsha Joshi
Founder & CEO, Awesome Place

"Veris offers user-friendly offerings—simple navigation and comprehension. Their team efficiently streamlines processes and enhances user experience."

Ronak P.
IT- Infrastructure Adminitrator, Mane

Your power tools for efficiency

Together, let's create the Workplace of the Future. Partner with us to generate leads, inspire innovation,
and propel your business to the forefront of the digital revolution.

Veris Welcome
Advanced Visitor Management

Elegant Entries- Secure and hassle-free visitor management, ensuring an excellent experience from the moment of arrival.

Veris Desks
Integrated Desk Booking

Workspace at Your Command- Intelligent desk booking on the go and personalization like never before.

Veris Meetings
Efficient Room Booking

No More Room Rumble- Streamlined meeting room management ensures optimal utilization and reduces conflicts.

Veris Watch
AI based Security Monitoring

Your Virtual Watchman- Ai-powered video monitoring for advanced surveillance, safety, and peace of mind

Veris Gate
Mobile & Face Based Access Control

Access Simplified- Meticulous access management powered by latest technology, safeguard premises with ease of access.

Veris View
Advance Analytics & Control Center

Gateway to Insight- Data visualization and analytics tool providing actionable insights into your workspace usage.

Integrated suites to power your facility

Leveraging our robust tech backbone, we provide secure, personalized, responsive, and intelligent experiences in buildings, offices, and high-security facilities. Our solutions cater to everyone - employees, visitors, vendors, or clients, ensuring top-tier experiences for all.

Security Suite

Designed for maximum protection, it ensures a safe environment for all, blending advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces.

Experience Suite

Change how individuals interact with indoor spaces. From intuitive navigation to customized bookings, create an inviting atmosphere for all occupants.

People Flow Suite

Ensure smooth and efficient transit for everyone. Using innovative technology, it streamlines traffic flow and enhances overall building accessibility.

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