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A Culture of Creativity and Collaboration

Our diverse team of talented individuals share the goal of providing outstanding customer experiences.

Flexible Solutions to Balance Work and Life

We offer flexible work hours and remote work options to help you balance your personal and professional commitments.

Opportunity to Grow and Develop Professionally

Work and collaborate better with visibility into colleagues' work plans and seating arrangements.

Complete Health Insurance and Assurance

Enjoy a smooth start with assured periodic health checks and an efficient system for booking amenities.

The Veris Story

Disrupting the workplace experience

Imagine this- You're a jet-setting entrepreneur, hopping from one meeting to another, networking with CEOs from around the world. You walk into yet another office, and it hits you - the office experience is outdated, frustrating and just plain boring. That's exactly what happened to our co-founder Utkarsh, not once, but over 35 times in different countries.

As he shared his frustration with his friends- Aastha, Anoop, and Vaibhav- these four driven individuals from diverse backgrounds were united by a common goal- to revolutionize the workplace experience.

Together, they formed Veris, a team of enigmatic, energetic, and driven individuals, who lift as they climb. Veris is a clan of
intrapreneurs who own every single task they take up, knowing that the buck stops with them.

With Veris, they are on a mission to bring the workplace experience to the 21st century. It doesn’t stop there. They know that the future of the workplace is human-centered. With Veris, you can create an environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and community. A place where your employees will love coming to work every day.

Veris through the eyes of our team

Discover what it's like to work at Veris from our very own team members.

“The best place to work”

"At Veris, I have the flexibility to work from home and focus during hours that suit me best. It's refreshing to have a company that prioritizes employee productivity and work-life balance.”

Gaurav Garg | Staff Engineer

“I love my work at Promoplus”

"Veris provides us with state-of-the-art technology support, from high-quality screens and cameras to the latest design software. It's exciting to work for a company that invests in its team members' success.”

Noor Islam | Head of Design

“I love my work at Promoplus”

"Veris is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where all team members feel valued and supported. As a female leader, I appreciate the emphasis on gender equality and the opportunities for growth within the company.”

Medha Yadav | Senior Lead, Product

“The team at Promoplus is the best”

"Working at Veris is more than a job. It's a journey of professional and personal growth. Veris is very committed to pushing boundaries and embracing new ideas. There is a healthy work-life balance and a culture that values inclusivity. I'm proud to be part of a team that is shaping the future of the workplace experience."

Aman Naresh | Head of Sales Department

“The team at Promoplus is the best”

"Joining Veris has been an elevation for my career. The innovative spirit here is contagious, and the collaborative environment pushes me to learn more everyday. Veris doesn't just talk about shaping the future of work, we live it every day. The opportunities are unmatched at Veris."

Vidhika Gupta | Manager, Founder's Office

Advanced and Strategic

Threat Identification

Streamline your security processes by monitoring access control efficiently.

Proactive Security

Employ AI to analyze alarm patterns, identify high-risk zones and times, and predict potential security threats, ensuring a seamless, secure operational flow.

Strategic and Insightful

Deploy resources strategically based on data-driven insights. Prevent potential security breaches and maintain seamless operations.

Integrated suites to power your facility

Leveraging our robust tech backbone, we provide secure, personalized, responsive, and intelligent experiences in buildings, offices, and high-security facilities. Our solutions cater to everyone - employees, visitors, vendors, or clients, ensuring top-tier experiences for all.

Security Suite

Designed for maximum protection, it ensures a safe environment for all, blending advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces.

Experience Suite

Change how individuals interact with indoor spaces. From intuitive navigation to customized bookings, create an inviting atmosphere for all occupants.

People Flow Suite

Ensure smooth and efficient transit for everyone. Using innovative technology, it streamlines traffic flow and enhances overall building accessibility.

Your power tools for efficiency

Together, let's create the Workplace of the Future. Partner with us to generate leads, inspire innovation,
and propel your business to the forefront of the digital revolution.

Veris Welcome
Advanced Visitor Management

Elegant Entries- Secure and hassle-free visitor management, ensuring an excellent experience from the moment of arrival.

Veris Desks
Integrated Desk Booking

Workspace at Your Command- Intelligent desk booking on the go and personalization like never before.

Veris Meetings
Efficient Room Booking

No More Room Rumble- Streamlined meeting room management ensures optimal utilization and reduces conflicts.

Veris Watch
AI based Security Monitoring

Your Virtual Watchman- Ai-powered video monitoring for advanced surveillance, safety, and peace of mind

Veris Gate
Mobile & Face Based Access Control

Access Simplified- Meticulous access management powered by latest technology, safeguard premises with ease of access.

Veris View
Advance Analytics & Control Center

Gateway to Insight- Data visualization and analytics tool providing actionable insights into your workspace usage.

Build a workplace your employees love

It is a shared commitment to learn, grow and create lasting workforce-readiness. Explore our workplace management products.

Safe & Flexible

Provide a tech-first environment to your employees. Fixed desks, floors, rooms, lockers, passage-way conversations, manual check-ins are passe. Offer a user-friendly app with parking, desk and meeting room booking options.

Easy & Automated

Carve a unified, mobile-first human-centric and integrable ecosystem for your employees and visitors. Map various stages of the employee journey: pre-entry and check-in stage, Touchless access and in-premises movement.

Efficient & Affordable

Enable your resources to be more efficient. Help them with automation tools that save on time and costs. Veris workplace products ensure resource utilization, more revenues per square foot and deeper engagement.

Leaders in more ways

Veris recognized as a Momentum Leader and a leading choice in thevisitor management category

Secured and Cared For

We believe in a workspace that is secure, nurturing, and prioritizes your peace of mind, fostering employee well-being and growth.

Deal Tracking - Promoplus X Webflow Template

Welcome, Securely

Your guests, identified and authorized, hassle-free.

Pipeline Managenment - Promoplus X Webflow Template

Recognition Refined

Face recognition, blending security with sophistication.

Meeting Scheduling - Promoplus X Webflow Template

Safeguarded Premises

Track People and assets, without worrying about privacy.

Email Tracking - Promoplus X Webflow Template

Insightful protection

Manage incidents, tailgating, emergency evac, HSE compliances

Integrated for Ease

Adopt Veris, adapt nothing else. Integration that's quick and worry-free.

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‘Work the talk’ is an initiative by Veris that empowers businesses to co-create workplaces of the future. In this podcast series, we talk with industry leaders to gain insights about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities impacting workplaces across industries.