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Flourishing Workspaces

Veris is where innovative technology and workplace success converge, creating a new benchmark for office experiences.

florishing workspaces
florishing workspaces
florishing workspaces

Step Into Productivity

Find your space

Every workspace is unique. With Veris, enable your people to find their sweet spot in the office, whether it's a quiet booth or a well-lit brainstorming room.

find your space
3D Twins

Leap into the future with a 3D digital avatar of your office, giving your people a comprehensive real-time view of every corner.

Smart Spaces

Bookable spaces on the go, monitor attendance and cancellations with intelligence, and never let them miss out on their favorite spots.

The Right Fit

Personalized suggestions by amenities, rules, locations, and usage types to find the perfect workspace that fits their work style.

Incredible Efficiency

Service at fingertips

Reinvent the way your people access everyday services. Veris simplifies office amenities, creating a more seamless and efficient workday for all.

Café Connect

Enable your employees to order their favorite latte or sandwich without having to leave their desks.

Shuttle Sync

Experience the convenience of scheduling shuttles and managing your commute like a pro.

Delivery Delight

Allow them to take charge of incoming and outgoing deliveries on a single platform.

Easy Supply

Keep track of essential supplies and ensure you never run out of what is needed.

Smart Lockers

Safeguard your belongings with our reliable, secure and accessible-at-all-times smart lockers.

Wayfinding Wonder

No-one looses their way in the office again with our intuitive, wayfinding features.

Well-being in every detail

We believe in creating a workspace that caters to employee well-being. At Veris, safety, health, and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Health Check

Regular health surveys & pulse polls. A perfect indoor environment with condition monitoring sensors.

Safe Commute

Empower safe travel with end-to-end movement tracking for employees leaving late.

Voice Matters

Empower employees to share feedback through our integrated response & ticketing systems.

Veris, everywhere they are

Veris meets them where they are. To access the workspace from their preferred screen.

Meet Us Anywhere

Experience Veris on their terms, be it through kiosk terminals, digital screens, mobiles, web portal or online dashboards.

Unified Workplace App

Engage smoothly with workspace services like hot desking, meeting rooms etc through Veris One App.

Stay in the loop

Help your people stay informed & connected. We make communication engaging & inclusive.

Connected Your Way

Choose from a range of channels like WhatsApp, email, or texts to stay linked.

Digital Updates

Make it easy for them to catch the latest updates on our digital bulletin board.

Speak Out

Help them share their thoughts easily with our streamlined feedback system.

stay in the loop
stay in the loop
stay in the loop
stay in the loop

Flex to Your Needs

Help your people stay informed & connected. We make communication engaging & inclusive.

flex to your needs

Real-time Insights

Get updates on what occupants need and extend personalized touches to provide an awesome experience for everyone inside.


Navigate the hybrid workplace world with rosters, colleague finder for better collaboration.

Efficient Spaces

Maximize your workspace utilization with occupancy management and reduce your real estate footprint.

Easy Integration

Harmoniously integrate your existing systems, enabling seamless implementation of operations.

Power to the happiness champion

Empower your Happiness Officers with robust data. With Veris, you have the power to create a happier, more engaged workspace.

stay in the loop
stay in the loop
Places Dashboard

Access real-time occupancy, environmental stats, and app usage data with the click of a button.

Wellness Watch

Get a comprehensive workspace well-being index with granular deep dive for actionable insights.

Satisfaction Meter

Track cleaning, receive feedback, and streamline your workspace for ultimate satisfaction.

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