Integrated Meeting Room Booking

Schedule meetings in seconds, and optimize room usage using our real-time analytics dashboard.

integrated meeting room
integrated meeting room
integrated meeting room

We integrate with your daily calendar

Our smart meeting room booking app integrates with your daily calendars such as Outlook and G Suite, ensuring that everything is in sync in real-time across your calendar, dashboard, and meeting room displays.

Microsoft Outlook

Whether you use Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, our meeting room booking system integrates itself with your daily use calendar, which enables a seamless scheduling experience for your employees.

G Suite

Empower your Admin and HR champions through our conference room scheduling software which saves their precious time by integrating with the Google Calendar application.

your daily calendar
your daily calendar

Modern meeting room displays

Streamline meeting room management with our display for a hassle-free experience, boosted productivity and high efficiency.

Schedule & Status
RFID & NFC Enabled
Five-year Warranty
modern meeting room displays
modern meeting room displays
modern meeting room displays
Streamline visitor

Meeting room management to schedule better

Improve workplace efficiency with our meeting room scheduling system that helps you utilize your workspace smartly and save time and effort in style.

Leaders in more ways

Veris recognized as a Momentum Leader and a Leading Choice in the Visitor Management category.

Leaders in more ways

Veris meetings dashboard

Our meetings dashboard gives you a real-time analysis of all meeting rooms alongside a centralized glimpse into the status of each meeting room.

veris meetings dashboard
veris meetings dashboard
Branding Options

Customize meeting room displays with your suite of brand thematics such as logo, dimensions, colour scheme, and edit all meeting room details right from the dashboard, at your convenience via our conference room booking system.

Usage Analytics

Enhance utilization of resources by visualizing peak usage hours, average meeting duration, number of ghost meetings, and high-performing and underperforming rooms through maps. Get it all under one roof via our meeting room booking system.

See what industry leaders are saying about Veris

Don't just take our word for it. Read testimonials from top professionals in your industry about the power of our visitor management system.

“The best place to work”

"Veris has greatly evolved with the growing needs and challenges of hybrid work. Overall, it is one of the most future-ready solutions that we've come across."

Ashok S.
Senior Manager SCM, Progression Infonet Pvt. Ltd.

“The best place to work”

"The customization scope meets all our workforce management needs, from multi-modal interactions to dynamic security offerings. They are truly the best."

Arun Attri
Vice President- IT, Wonder Cement
meeting room
meeting room

Every feature rooted in customer centricity

These features have won hearts, created exceptional value for our customers, and deserve a special mention:

Book Meeting Room via Mobile App
Avoid Ghost or No Show Meetings
Integrate With Your Daily Calendar
End and Extend Meetings
Derive Room Usage Analytics
Smart Booking Rules

Your power tools for efficiency

Together, let's create the Workplace of the Future. Partner with us to generate leads, inspire innovation,
and propel your business to the forefront of the digital revolution.

Veris Welcome
Advanced Visitor Management

Elegant Entries- Secure and hassle-free visitor management, ensuring an excellent experience from the moment of arrival.

Veris Desks
Integrated Desk Booking

Workspace at Your Command- Intelligent desk booking on the go and personalization like never before.

Veris Meetings
Efficient Room Booking

No More Room Rumble- Streamlined meeting room management ensures optimal utilization and reduces conflicts.

Veris Watch
AI based Security Monitoring

Your Virtual Watchman- Ai-powered video monitoring for advanced surveillance, safety, and peace of mind

Veris Gate
Mobile & Face Based Access Control

Access Simplified- Meticulous access management powered by latest technology, safeguard premises with ease of access.

Veris View
Advance Analytics & Control Center

Gateway to Insight- Data visualization and analytics tool providing actionable insights into your workspace usage.

Integrated suites to power your facility

Leveraging our robust tech backbone, we provide secure, personalized, responsive, and intelligent experiences in buildings, offices, and high-security facilities. Our solutions cater to everyone - employees, visitors, vendors, or clients, ensuring top-tier experiences for all.

Security Suite

Designed for maximum protection, it ensures a safe environment for all, blending advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces.

Experience Suite

Change how individuals interact with indoor spaces. From intuitive navigation to customized bookings, create an inviting atmosphere for all occupants.

People Flow Suite

Ensure smooth and efficient transit for everyone. Using innovative technology, it streamlines traffic flow and enhances overall building accessibility.

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