EP 6
September 8, 2023

Let’s Talk The Future of Access Control


Balancing security and convenience in building access

The access control industry, with its core mission of ensuring safety, user interaction, and convenience in buildings, requires a shift in mindset. Moving away from traditional barriers and inconvenience, it must prioritize both security and user-friendly experiences in line with changing market expectations.

Future of space utilization and access management

Access control technology's digitization of room availability enhances efficiency and user satisfaction by eliminating wasted time in locating and using available spaces. As the industry evolves, a unified solution incorporating RFID cards, cameras, mobile devices, computer vision, and AI is on the horizon, promising seamless access. Furthermore, integrating big data and advanced analytics offers transformative insights beyond log files, reshaping decision-making processes

“The best place to work”

I would say that the workplace optimization people should also, in addition to efficiencies, productivity and satisfaction, it should start with security and safety. Because I don't care how efficient your place is, how productive it is, and how satisfied, if people aren't safe and don't feel safe, they're not going to go there. That's an example of people not thinking about safety and security in any aspect, what they do and leaving it.

Lee Odess
CEO, Access Control Executive Brief

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