The Future Begins Now


Veris Security Suite seamlessly marries advanced security and cutting-edge technology, ushering in a new era of smart, non-intrusive enterprise protection.

enterprise security
enterprise security

AI-powered Security

SOC monitoring meets innovation

Navigate the complexities of today's interconnected world with our Security Suite. Witness the convergence of agility, foresight, and precision, as our Security Operations Center (SOC) solutions redefine your organization's safety ecosystem. Stay ahead, stay transformed.

AI-powered Security

Embrace advanced AI and ML technology for superior detection and swift response.

Unified Collaboration

Foster synergy among stakeholders to ensure seamless operation and incident management.

Alarms Identification

Prioritize alerts effectively with our system's capability to identify critical alarms.

Performance Insight

Uphold SLA compliance and monitor 'Mean Time To Resolution' to drive performance.

Risk Mitigation

Unmask risky identities and safeguard your assets and employees.

Rapid Response Capability

Leverage improved incident detection capabilities for quicker and more effective response.

Seamless Operation

Enjoy smooth, non-intrusive security measures that maintain a seamless operational flow.

Future-proof Security

Future-proof your organization with our solution that evolves with the dynamic threats.

Simplified and Digitalized

Emergency management

Give your employees and visitors the security they need. Enable them to utilize real-time data and get smart insights for better decision-making.

A New Wave of Preparedness

Experience evacuation management with smart digital solutions, ensuring seamless people flow even during emergencies. Utilize real-time visibility and a digital roll call for efficient, non-intrusive safety measures.

Empowering Communication

Get the most out of efficient multi-channel communication and intelligent reporting for unparalleled insights and rapid decision-making during emergencies, keeping your operations as seamless as possible.

Elevated and Automated

Access Control

Experience a new level of access control. Veris products use face recognition and NFC technology to provide seamless and non-intrusive access to visitors and employees, transforming physical identity and access management.

access control
access control
access control

Innovation at entry

Experience a new level of access control. Veris products use face recognition and NFC technology to provide seamless and non-intrusive access to visitors and employees, transforming physical identity and access management.


Grant temporary access through face recognition, mobile ID, or QR codes.


Make parking a breeze with license plate recognition.

Time-Bound Access

Auto-dispensed and time-bound access cards for contractors & visitors.

Seamless Integration

Remove redundancies by integrating with your existing PACS.

Transparent record keeping

Maintain comprehensive logs of all access activities, efficiently integrated into your daily operations, ensuring smooth, streamlined audit and compliance processes, while enhancing your overall security measures.

Maintain Access Records

Maintain a comprehensive list of individuals granted access, aiding compliance.


Track and identify any violations around zoning and restricted areas.

Controlled Access

Enhance security by regulating access to certain zones.

Efficient Monitoring

Streamline your security processes by monitoring access control efficiently.

transparent record keeping
transparent record keeping
transparent record keeping

Unobtrusive and Insightful

People tracking

people tracking
people tracking
people tracking
people tracking

Watchful eye

Navigate the flow of your enterprise with real-time insights into personnel movements and zone violations. A frictionless system that keeps the pace of people undisturbed, while maintaining a tight security cover.

Zone Alerts

Track people into various zones
of your premises and receive
alerts on violations, ensuring
stringent security.

Real-time Heat Maps

Leverage tech such as Bluetooth beacons, face recognition, LR-RFID tags, and access logs for comprehensive tracking.

Insightful analytics

Harness the power of data. Utilize a robust combination of historical movement data and real-time heat maps to make informed, proactive decisions about personnel management, ensuring a fluid operational flow.

3D Mapping

Visualize personnel on 3D maps for enhanced understanding and management.

Real-time Heat Maps

Access real-time location data and heat maps to optimize personnel flow and safety.

people tracking
people tracking

Centralized and Intelligent

Security data

secrurity data

Unified Security Vision

Blend your assorted security data streams into one intuitive and unified perspective. Activate intelligent, quick alarm management through superior AI competencies, ensuring every incident is duly acknowledged.

Streamlined Data Integration
AI-enhanced Incident Response

Distinction in The Chaos

Sieve the crucial from the clamor. Fine-tune your response to alarms based on their gravity, employing our AI-assisted system that guarantees precise focus where it matters, fine-tuning your security protocols.

Smart Alarm Prioritization
Refined Security Protocols
distinction in the chaos
distinction in the chaos
distinction in the chaos
distinction in the chaos
people tracking
people tracking

Optimized and Proactive


AI-powered Guard Dispatch

Efficient dispatch and data management powered by AI. Prioritize tasks, optimize your security operations, and maintain a smooth flow of personnel, safeguarding your enterprise's stability.

Predictive Security Measures

Stay ahead with proactive security. Utilize real-time metrics and AI to forecast potential security incidents. Ensure seamless operations and timely measures against security concerns.

Advanced and Strategic

Threat identification

Streamline your security processes by monitoring access control efficiently.

Proactive Security

Employ AI to analyze alarm patterns, identify high-risk zones and times, and predict potential threats for secure operational flow.

Strategic and Insightful

Deploy resources strategically based on data-driven insights. Prevent potential security breaches and maintain seamless operations.

people tracking
people tracking

Interconnected and Futuristic

The Security Suite advantage

Unified System Integration

Harmonize disparate systems like parking management, visitor management, access control, video surveillance, security monitoring, and space schedulers. Experience an interconnected security landscape.

Data-driven Decision-making

Harness the power of AI/ML algorithms to transform raw security data into actionable insights. Swift, effective threat management drives a seamless operational flow, marking a new era of data-driven security.

AI-enabled Automation

Elevate operational efficiency with AI. Detect anomalies, forecast events, and execute actions automatically for a seamless and efficient operational flow. AI as your co-pilot, guiding you to a new horizon in security.

Physical Security Unified

Get a 360-degrees, a comprehensive view of your security framework. Unifying defenses across identity and physical fronts for a seamless, secure operational environment, revolutionizing the way security is perceived.

AI - Your Co-pilot

Welcome AI as your supportive co-pilot. Enhancing productivity, delivering valuable insights, while humans remain in control, ensuring a seamless operational environment, blending efficiency and human touch.

Future-proof Security

Future-proof your organization with a solution that evolves with the dynamic nature of threats. Ensure a secure and seamless operational flow - the future of comprehensive, intelligent, and non-intrusive security solutions.

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