EP 2
August 11, 2023

Understanding Hybrid Working


Promoting balance, flexibility, and collaboration in organizations

In the evolving landscape of flexible work models, effective communication, regular check-ins, and acknowledging small contributions are key strategies to address the work-life balance challenge. Gender-neutral flexibility is paramount, extending the opportunity for fathers and partners to engage actively in family life. Productivity benefits from remote work, provided individuals have dedicated spaces for focused work. Furthermore, the future of work hinges on collaboration and fostering personal connections within teams.

Enhancing employee recognition and inclusivity in workplaces

In the evolving workplace landscape, educating and training managers to recognize and evaluate employees' contributions, regardless of their location (remote or in-office) is vital. Utilizing technical tools for performance tracking and assessment can facilitate this process. Additionally, workplaces should emphasize inclusivity, diversity, and a people-centric environment, recognizing that diverse perspectives and cultures enrich the organization and promote a harmonious and contented work environment.

“The best place to work”

Flexibility in work arrangements should not be limited to gender; it is equally essential for fathers and partners to have the opportunity to be present with their families. Working from home or other locations can enhance productivity when individuals have their own space and can focus on their work.

Shikhee Agarwal
General Manager, Diageo

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