EP 8
January 12, 2024

Championing Equalism at Work


Importance of Networking and Overcoming Obstacles

The importance of networking for career growth, particularly for women, is understated. While networking might not come naturally to everyone, it's crucial to overcome obstacles such as self-doubt, guilt, or limiting beliefs. Taking proactive steps, being intentional, and changing the narrative can help individuals build meaningful connections and advance in their careers.

Role of Coaching and Leadership Development

By creating a coaching culture and upskilling managers to act as coaches, organizations can support the growth and development of employees regardless of their gender or ethnicity. This approach focuses on understanding individual aspirations and potential, leading to open discussions, and mitigating unconscious biases in decision-making processes.

“The best place to work”

The first thing I really invite women to do is to change the narrative, to look at what are the stories that they're telling themselves and change that language that they are talking to themselves with. Replace it with a positive language. Encourage themselves. And in a nutshell, if I may use that term, I just invite them to be good mothers for their brains.

Nancy Zakharia
Senior Talent & Organizational Development Manager, McDermott International, Ltd.

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