EP 5
September 22, 2023

Moving Away From Guns, Guards and Gates


Developing security strategy for unique business needs

Customized Security Approach: Crafting a robust security strategy necessitates tailoring it to the specific requirements of each business unit, with risk assessment and vulnerability identification as pivotal steps.

Education and Communication: Equipping both security professionals and employees with the knowledge of security protocols is crucial for successful implementation. Effective communication and technology usage can mitigate friction in security measures

Transforming access control and security for modern businesses

Facial recognition is a leading technology for access control, bolstering security by allowing only authorized individuals on-premises. AI-powered cameras offer proactive monitoring and insights through image processing, becoming an industry standard. Automated visitor management systems streamline check-ins, contributing to enhanced security measures.

“The best place to work”

AI is also helping in a big time because now cameras are on the edge. We call it the analytics on the edge. That means on the camera only, we have the AI. Certain things get mapped at the camera itself; the material coming inside or going outside will all be automated. So human intervention will be limited to minimal that is what I think is the future. That's a beautiful future to have.

Col Rahul Chauhan
CSO- Emerging Businesses, Adani Group

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