EP 4
August 25, 2023

Cultivating Trust-based Leadership


Effectively transitioning into trust-based leadership

Ans: In response to a paradigm shift, leaders must transition from command-and-control to trust and transparency, acting as facilitators and coaches. Self-managed teams, supported by belief and social contracts, enhance discipline by focusing on meeting objectives. To build inclusivity, leaders should appreciate each team's uniqueness and eliminate barriers to self-management. The key is to showcase the benefits and adapt to diverse contexts.

Balancing convenience and learning to enhance productivity

Prioritizing Convenience and Growth in the Workplace: Organizations understand the importance of holistic employee experiences, achieved by streamlining processes, minimizing bureaucracy, and offering digital tools for convenience. Cultivating a learning culture involves fostering reflection, sharing, experimentation, and leveraging technology for information and transparency, enabling better outcomes.

“The best place to work”

One way to bring discipline quickly and it's a fun way, is also something which we call as a social contract. The team sits together and comes up with a social contract. That this is how we commit to making this work. We again, there's no hierarchy. So all of them contribute ideas that okay, we will attend meetings on time. We start on time, we stop on time. We will share ideas openly without feeling of judgment.

Harini Sreenivasan
Partner, Semcostyle Institute India LLP

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