Make Every Guest Feel Like Royalty

Elevate guests with the world-class visitor system of Veris. From parking to reception, unforgettable experiences await.

make every guest feel like royalty
make every guest feel like royalty
make every guest feel like royalty
make every guest feel like royalty

Roll out the red carpet

Impress your visitors, employees, and contractors alike with a seamless guest experience that sets the tone for a great visit.

make your inites speak volumes
make your inites speak volumes
make your inites speak volumes

Make Your Invites Speak Volumes

Roll out the red carpet before your guests even arrive. Share comprehensive invite details, including photos, maps, and relevant documents with Veris’ visitor management solution.

Communicate with your guests on a platform they prefer. Send conversational invites via WhatsApp, including important information and a warm welcome, all while keeping your mobile number private.

Brand New, Same You

Make a lasting impression by showcasing your organization's unique personality with customizable color themes.

Sleek & functional, our branded kiosks are the perfect accessory to your company's red carpet look!

A grand welcome fit for a queen (or king!)

Redefining hospitality with regal elegance, cutting-edge technology, and a luxurious touch of convenience.

ClockWork Places

Streamline your operations and save time with our self-serve solutions and integrations, including access control, Wi-Fi, navigation & much more

Unlock Your Doors

Explore a seamless and stress-free guest experience with our hassle-free access control integration

Never Miss a Beat

Help them stay connected to work and the world with our seamless Wi-Fi integrations.

Get Lost, No More!

Our intuitive navigation system will leave your guests impressed and eager to explore further.

Guest Whisperer

Let our chat nudges be your guests' helpful companion, sharing tips & alerts for an ultimate visit.

Discover the wonder of our features firsthand

Don't just take our word for it - see all the incredible features of our Visitor Management Solution for yourself and discover the magic that awaits your guests!

Streamline visitor

Streamline visitor experiences with Veris Welcome

Enable a wow welcome for your visitors and make your workplace more efficient and secure with our paperless, self-service kiosks. Avoid queuing and enhance visitor experience.

Integrated for ease

Adopt Veris, adapt nothing else. Integration that's quick and worry-free.

VIew all integrations

Employee Directory

Streamline employee onboarding on Veris by seamlessly syncing with various Employee Directory Applications.


Simplify visit management & enhance efficiency with hassle-free calendar synchronization, making it a breeze.

Access Control

Automate the office management, parking, and elevator access for users based on their preferences.

Single Sign-ons

Enhance and oversee secure and frictionless workplace access by incorporating your enterprise SSO logins.

Facility Helpdesk

Elevate user efficiency and convenience through the seamless submission of facility requests and complaints.

Parking System

Boost the user experience with integrated parking management for visitor convenience.

Leaders in more ways

Veris recognized as a Momentum Leader and a Leading Choice in the Visitor Management category.

Leaders in more ways

Designed with you in mind

Our workflows are fully customisable, meaning that you can design experiences that are unique to your workplace. Impress guests with a personalised service.

designes with you in mind

Enhance your front desk with our add-on

Our modular solutions are designed to work together seamlessly, giving you unparalleled flexibility and control over your reception area.

welcome Enhance
welcome Enhance

Seamless Delivery Management

Our delivery module keeps track of materials in and out and provides real-time analytics and notifications that facilitate immediate host action.

Efficient Attendance Management

Our attendance module enables you to log employee and contractor in and out times with ease, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Streamlined People Flow

Our access module provides mobile and face recognition solutions for fluid people flow, offering an improved overall workplace experience.

Advanced Security Monitoring

Our security module integrates with IP camera footage and provides intelligent nudges and relevant information for enhanced workplace safety.

See what industry leaders are saying about Veris

Don't just take our word for it. Read testimonials from top professionals in your industry about the power of our visitor management system.

“The best place to work”

"We’d recommend Veris for streamlined customer journeys. They offer convenient data collection and analysis and tailor solutions as per your challenges."

Amitava Datta
Assistant Director- Resources, British Council

“The best place to work”

"At MakeMyTrip, Veris aids in crafting data-driven, safe workspaces aligned with evolving team needs as per our hybrid working models."

Yuvaraj Srivastava
Group Chief HR Officer, MakeMyTrip

Your power tools for efficiency

Together, let's create the Workplace of the Future. Partner with us to generate leads, inspire innovation,
and propel your business to the forefront of the digital revolution.

Veris Welcome
Advanced Visitor Management

Elegant Entries- Secure and hassle-free visitor management, ensuring an excellent experience from the moment of arrival.

Veris Desks
Integrated Desk Booking

Workspace at Your Command- Intelligent desk booking on the go and personalization like never before.

Veris Meetings
Efficient Room Booking

No More Room Rumble- Streamlined meeting room management ensures optimal utilization and reduces conflicts.

Veris Watch
AI based Security Monitoring

Your Virtual Watchman- Ai-powered video monitoring for advanced surveillance, safety, and peace of mind

Veris Gate
Mobile & Face Based Access Control

Access Simplified- Meticulous access management powered by latest technology, safeguard premises with ease of access.

Veris View
Advance Analytics & Control Center

Gateway to Insight- Data visualization and analytics tool providing actionable insights into your workspace usage.

Integrated suites to power your facility

Leveraging our robust tech backbone, we provide secure, personalized, responsive, and intelligent experiences in buildings, offices, and high-security facilities. Our solutions cater to everyone - employees, visitors, vendors, or clients, ensuring top-tier experiences for all.

Security Suite

Designed for maximum protection, it ensures a safe environment for all, blending advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces.

Experience Suite

Change how individuals interact with indoor spaces. From intuitive navigation to customized bookings, create an inviting atmosphere for all occupants.

People Flow Suite

Ensure smooth and efficient transit for everyone. Using innovative technology, it streamlines traffic flow and enhances overall building accessibility.

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