The Veris
Partnership Program

Collaborate, Innovate, Elevate. The future of smart workplaces starts with us.

Our mission, your success

Redefining workplace experiences with cutting-edge AI, IoT technologies, and an unwavering commitment to innovation.

Strategic Partnership

Amplify your impact, boost revenues and open doors to new growth opportunities.

Competitive Advantage

Leverage our premier tech platform to win more customers with superior pricing.

Upselling Opportunities

Discover new revenue streams by offering additional, value-driven services

Market leadership
through proven success

Benefit from our vast experience of working with over 300 enterprises across diverse sectors.

market leadership

Ready-to-use Templates

Make use of our pre-built templates, crafted from widespread use cases.

Accelerated Deployment

Leverage our experience to fast-track the workspace transformation of your clients.

Pan-sector Applications

From corporate offices to R&D facilities, our templates cater to all environments.

Continually Updated

As we grow, learn, and evolve, our template library continually expands.

Distinctive features,
distinctive advantages

Partner with Veris to offer unrivalled workplace experiences.


Trust in our globally recognized benchmarks for data privacy and information security.


Elevate the brand image of your customers through a secure and deeply engaging approach.


Offer personalized, unforgettable experiences with seamless integrations and flexible solutions.

your success is our Goal

Your Success is Our Goal

Empowered and unified partnership

Extensive Training

Get trained by the experts to understand Veris products for smooth implementation and better client satisfaction.

Sales Enablement

Benefit from sales tools and targeted marketing campaigns designed to accelerate your business growth.

Elevating customer service

Empowering partners to deliver exceptional service experiences.

Customer Confidence

Instill confidence with improved service consistency and optimized adoption rates.


Our dedicated assistance ensures delivery of flawless service to your customers.

your success is our Goal
thought leadership in action

Thought leadership in action

Driving innovation in work environments worldwide.

Innovation at the Forefront

Be a part of shaping the workplaces of the future, establishing your brand as a leader in innovation.

Knowledge Sharing

Access insights on emerging digital trends and how industry leaders are embracing them.

Your power tools for efficiency

Together, let's create the Workplace of the Future. Partner with us to generate leads, inspire innovation,
and propel your business to the forefront of the digital revolution.

Veris Welcome
Advanced Visitor Management

Elegant Entries- Secure and hassle-free visitor management, ensuring an excellent experience from the moment of arrival.

Veris Desks
Integrated Desk Booking

Workspace at Your Command- Intelligent desk booking on the go and personalization like never before.

Veris Meetings
Efficient Room Booking

No More Room Rumble- Streamlined meeting room management ensures optimal utilization and reduces conflicts.

Veris Watch
AI based Security Monitoring

Your Virtual Watchman- Ai-powered video monitoring for advanced surveillance, safety, and peace of mind

Veris Gate
Mobile & Face Based Access Control

Access Simplified- Meticulous access management powered by latest technology, safeguard premises with ease of access.

Veris View
Advance Analytics & Control Center

Gateway to Insight- Data visualization and analytics tool providing actionable insights into your workspace usage.

Engage Better

Ignite opportunities with content

We help you create a powerful lead generation engine by crafting content that resonates with your audience, engaging them and bringing them closer to Veris solutions.

Resonating Blogs

Connect with your audience through blogs that unravel industry insights and best practices.

Insightful Podcasts

Engage in thought-provoking discussions with industry leaders and get up-to-speed on trends.

Detailed Guides

Empower your leads with comprehensive understanding of Veris tools and their applications.

Success Stories

Showcase the transformative power of Veris through success stories, inspiring potential clients.

Educative Webinars

Co-host webinars with us, featuring industry leaders, sparking interest and nurturing leads.

Captivating Newsletters

Delve into the mechanisms to navigate through the modern challenges as you evolve.

Stay ahead of the curve with our handpicked selection of comprehensive and actionable resources like blogs, case studies, newsletters, podcasts, and guides, crafted to take you closer to industry excellence.