S1E5 | Moving away from Guns, Guards and Gates

Work the Talk is an initiative that empowers businesses to co-create workplaces of the future through sharing and deliberation. The podcast series hosts conversations with industry leaders to explore and get insights on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities impacting workplaces across industries.

About our guest

Colonel Rahul Chauhan, Chief Security Officer, Emerging Businesses, Adani Group, is the industry voice regarding risk mitigation, business resilience, technological security and security leadership.

With over 23 years of experience at the forefront of managing and executing security operations, including his time serving for the Indian Army, he is fondly known as a “corporate soldier”. 

About our host

Aastha Sharma is the Co-founder & Director at Veris. She has nearly 15 years of experience in developing & executing organisational projects designed to challenge conventions. Dedicated to creating inclusive and intelligent workplaces, Aastha has spearheaded growth strategies for Veris since its inception.

Beyond her professional role, Aastha is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the corporate space. She works closely with several organisations to build inclusive workplaces across various sectors. As a devoted mother and advocate, she fosters inclusive work environments and connects with entrepreneurs navigating the dynamic SaaS landscape. Authenticity and transparent communication fuel her mission for growth and success.

Podcast Insights

  1. Tailored Security Strategy: Developing a comprehensive security strategy requires understanding the unique needs of each business unit. Risk assessment and identification of vulnerabilities are crucial steps in this process.
  2. Training and Education: Both security professionals and employees need to be educated and aware of security protocols. Ensuring that employees understand and follow security procedures is essential for effective implementation.
  3. Communication and Elegance: While security measures can be restrictive, effective communication is key. Educating stakeholders and employees about the importance of security and using technology for smoother processes can reduce friction.
  4. Facial Recognition for Access Control: Facial recognition systems are emerging as a key technology for access control. They ensure only authorized individuals enter premises, enhancing security.
  5. AI-Powered Cameras: Cameras equipped with AI are becoming a standard in the industry. They can process and analyze images, providing proactive alerts and insights to control rooms.
  6. Automated Visitor Management: Automated systems for managing visitors are gaining prominence. These systems streamline the visitor check-in process and enhance security measures.