Future of work

The ONLY way out is Flexible-desking & here’s why!

Hot-desking is a central piece to the flexible work puzzle.

Let’s look at some facts.

JLL’s ‘The future of office demand’ report surveyed 7000 employees and found that despite the increased hype around remote work, it jeopardized employee collaboration, engagement, and efficiency. Half of the employees surveyed stated that their home environment doesn’t enable them to work effectively and productively. More than half the employees surveyed stated that they felt a lack of creative inspiration.

Gallup’s ‘State of the American Workplace’ survey found that 37% of employees would leave their current job at a traditional office to join a company that offers a flexible work environment.

CBRE’s 2020 Global Occupier Sentiment Survey, found that 73% of top-level real estate executives globally want flexible office space to be a piece of their long-term real estate strategy puzzle.

How will hot desking software enable flexible work environments?

A Flexible, safe, agile & collaborative work environment for the post-CoVID workspace needs

Workforce Rostering
Balancing between work from home and back to work, creation of teams and rostering AI-based optimal seat allocation

Increase collaboration
Hot desking software encourages people to move around the office, and this leads employees to talk to team members they normally wouldn’t interact with

It allows employees to change their day-to-day environment and remaining mobile.

Knowledge circulation
Hot desking solutions can help your employees bring back the needed face-to-face interaction, instant feedback gathering hence accelerating decision making.

Lower costs
Curb space wastage arising due to, traveling, rostering, off-site employees, and optimize the available seating space to meet the current needs. Reduce real estate costs & increase operational efficiency

Workplace Capacity
Ensure social distancing for every seat with our latest innovation that automates the identification of usable seats

Social Distancing
Digitize floor plans and map workplace capacity with the occupancy limit

I. Curate seamless, speedy and secure booking experiences

Hot-desking & Space Reservations
Find and reserve your work desk and meeting room via one single portal. Therefore, if you are in a hurry we have got you covered.

Meet all your team needs

Match your team’s needs for any event by looking at amenities. For example when hosting an event evaluate employee experience.

Extend and end your bookings easily
Easily extend your bookings through meeting room display devices or phones. For example, if you want to work late just click extend on your phone.

Check-in through QR codes
Quick check-in/check out to desks via QR codes. Avoid physical contact and check in through the code in seconds.

Notifications & reminders
Instant alerts for admin and your attendees on your favorite message app. If you usually forget after booking, don’t worry you will get reminders.  

Multiple desk booking*
Book multiple desks for your whole team in one go. If your whole team is working together, book multiple desks at a time, and no chaos is created.

Schedule recurring booking
Schedule your desk as per your roster. For example, if you like to organize your day, you can book a desk according to your schedule.

Granular-level booking filters
Gain a high-level view of every floor, department, and team in just one click. If you want to keep an eye on multiple floors at a time, you can do that with your own device.

II. Access advanced analytics & derive optimization insights

Space Utilization Insights
Maximize resource utilization by mapping all usage parameters and trends on one screen. If your resources are misspent, use the insights for resource optimization.

Smart Booking Rules
Create customized booking workflows with a comprehensive set of advanced rules. If you want to regulate the booking system according to your requirements, it’s just a few clicks away.

No more ghost bookings
Get rid of ghost bookings, confusions and adopt an intelligent approach for a productive workday. If some employees do not show up after booking the desk leading to resource wastage, we have got you covered.

Easy uploading of floor plans
Do scalable seat planning meeting all your agile workspace needs. Therefore, you can configure the seating arrangement according to your requirements.

III. Create return-ready user experiences & ensure workplace safety

Set occupancy limits
Exercise social distancing in each meeting space. Hence, you can keep the employees of your organization safe by setting different occupancy limits for each area.

Automate social distancing
Apply alternate seat booking rules, informing employees of seating distance. Limit booking capacity for any space. For example, if any employee is uninformed about the social distancing norms you can update them about the same.  

Display Sanitization Status
Only choose sanitized spaces by looking at sanitization status. Therefore, keep yourself safe and at minimum risk by making the correct choice.

Raise Work request
Make work requests for services easily via mobile app. For example, if you want to refill the amenities or get your space sanitized, just raise a request and get it done.

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