Home to work: A tech-enabled journey

66% of the employees still are worried about their return to work. To make the return to work safe your employees’ return to work journey needs to be intelligent, secure, digitised and efficient. Veris offers advanced technology that has helped organizations all over the world to plan out a successful return to work experience.

The one solution

The last thing your employees need is a host of different platforms to perform different tasks. This will ruin the entire experience for them and would be a big hurdle in the return to work journey. You need a unified solution, a single platform with the technology that helps improve employee everything that they can need to return to work seamlessly. Veris one has been designed to do just that. Even before employees come to work they can use the app to update their health status, book parking spots, book desk, order meals and a lot more.

Status & rostering

Knowledge is power! Knowing where your employees are working can be crucial both from a workplace management point of view and a scheduling point of view. Using the app employees to open the team roster and update their work status from anywhere. They can also check the schedule of their entire team. This helps them plan their entire schedule better.

This is how it works:

  • Open the app
  • Go to the ‘work’ option
  • Find your team and check their schedule

The admin can use the app and use the rostering feature to plan schedules for the entire team. It can use to allot certain seating areas to certain teams. This offers more flexibility and clarity. Rostering not only helps plan schedules but also helps companies optimize their workplace and create an employee digital experience.

Welcome guests

Through the app, you can also send invites to guests. The visitor will receive an option of web check-in that they can use to fill in their details. They will also update their health status and get their picture clicked which will be used to create their E-badge. The visitor gets a confirmation mail which also contains the details of the meeting.

When the visitor reaches the premises they are welcomed by our state-of-the-art Kiosk. The kiosk will auto-fetch the information done via web check-in. Guests can just scan the QR code or use facial recognition to do a two-second check-in. Two-way communication allows for communication between the host and the visitor. This helps the visitor to know what the exact wait time is going to be.


As workplaces evolve they keep adding new technologies to make everything work more efficiently. Veris one is designed to be configurable to your existing technologies. What it does is save you valuable time and money.

There are a lot of integrations that can help you such as Integrating it with your cafeteria will allow your employees to order meals and beverages. Integration with locker rooms helps your employees book locker rooms for the required duration of time.

Access control helps you stay in charge of your workplace. You can grant and restrict access. This will make sure there are no trespassers at your premises. You can allot parking spaces to your visitors by integrating parking. Integrations are key in creating digital employee experiences.


Meetings are curial for turnings the wheels of an organisation. But scheduling meetings and managing meeting rooms can get hectic. Hybrid has changed meetings too. People join in meetings from everywhere and not just office. Meeting rooms now consist of both in-person and remote participants. This means allotting meeting rooms can be difficult.

Coming out of the pandemic and entering the hybrid era employees and admin can struggle with using meeting rooms. There can be a lack of communication and knowledge regarding the status of the meeting rooms. Using the app everyone can check if the room is booked or available and reserve it accordingly. Meeting invites can be sent through the app and integration with video conferencing software makes meetings efficient.


Safety is of utmost importance and plates a huge role in ensuring a safe return to work for all the employees. The app ensures safety at each step. First employees have to update their health declaration every day before coming to work. When they are at the reception the integrated cameras can detect if they are wearing a mask or not. Contactless thermal screening helps ensure everyone entering the premises is healthy.

Along with all this, users can also use the app to request sanitization for desks and meeting rooms. Admins can also use the app to ensure people sit at a safe distance from each other. For example, they can use the rostering feature to block alternate desks to keep a safe distance or allot specific times and dates to certain teams.

For everyone

Each organisation is different and can have different needs. We have designed Veris to be easily configurable to the different needs of the organization. Veris is an industry leader and has already made unified workplace solutions for organisations such as Nestle, Loreal, Bosch, Genpact and many more to create a digital employee journey. This is because when you choose Veris, we spend time to understand exactly what you need and then use that knowledge to design a solution that is efficient, smart and intuitive.

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