Future-ready Access control system for a Smart Millennial Workforce

A safe, intuitive and return-ready access solution which offers integrability with existing providers, rule-based access controls, unique digital identities and mobile-based access.

    Smarter access control system for a Smart Workplace

    Supports BLE / NFC

    Contactless access control system with remote facility management.

    Flexible mobile access

    Grant and revoke access rights in real-time via Secure Mobile Credentials.

    QR codes for visitors

    Send QR to visitors with invites with limited access and visit time.

    COVID-19 questionnaire

    Covid-19 screening questionnaire to establish health risk status of visitors.

    Integrate with EM locks

    Use EM locks to provide a sturdy security solution.

    Cloud deployment

    Rapid deployment, with centralized management and control.

    Why choose Veris visitor access control system?

    Automated & remote supervision

    Empower your facility teams to remotely monitor and supervise using our real-time access control dashboard. Ensure that you have complete control over who is allowed inside your premises, even if you are away.

    Customize visitor access

    Enable your admin team to design and redesign access control rules and access management protocols time and again, ensuring that your workplace can move with the changing times in a secure and seamless manner.

    Audit & compliance-friendly

    Empower your facility teams to easily extract updated access records across multiple offices via one central dashboard to align with compliance needs, reduce duplication and ensure a speedy emergency response.

    Seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem

    Visitor access control

    Integrates with existing access control, ensuring frictionless entry and exit, through the premises.


    Integrates with Wi-fi systems, enabling you to provision wifi credentials to selected guests, instantly.


    Empowers you to design unique conditions, trigger workflows based on set conditions and customize on the go.


    Adds guests to your MailChimp list so that you can continue to stay in touch with them, whenever you like.


    Integrates with Slack, expands workforce and sends notifications to employees across selected channels.


    Gives you the option of adding visitors as new leads in Salesforce, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity.

    Build a workplace your employees love

    It is a shared commitment to learning, growing and tackling crises together, that creates lasting and sustainable workforce-readiness. Explore our workplace management products.

    Safe & Flexible

    Provide a tech-first environment to your employees. Fixed desks, floors, rooms, lockers, passage-way conversations, manual check-ins are passe. Offer a user-friendly app with parking, desk & meeting room booking options, dynamic availability for distance control, contactless check ins, automated alerts and more

    Easy & Automated

    Carve a unified, mobile-first human-centric and integrable ecosystem for your employees and visitors. Map various stages of the employee journey: pre-entry and check-in stage, Touchless access & In-premises movement, AI-driven desk & room scheduling, express servicing and need for collaboration.

    Efficient & Affordable

    Enable your resources to be more efficient. Help them with automation tools that save on time and costs. Veris workplace products ensure an Uber like experience, improving space and resource utilization higher then pre-covid levels, more revenues per square foot and deeper engagement with tenants and occupants

    Integrated Workplace Management Products for your facility

    Veris Welcome

    Contactless 3-second check-ins for visitors, configurable visitor invites for employees, a real-time analytics dashboard for facility teams and an enterprise-ready feature suite for all.

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    Veris Meetings

    Seamlessly schedule meetings on your Outlook/Gsuite calendar, instantly book rooms on custom displays, release idle rooms to avoid ghost meetings and track room usage to optimize space utilization.

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    Veris Combat

    Transition to touchless staff attendance with facial recognition. Triple-scan visitors with thermal screening, mask detection and health declarations. Blacklist threats and generate instant alerts to security.

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    Veris Gate

    Create secure & seamless movement for employees with a mobile-first access solution. Transition to a safe, intuitive, and return-ready solution that offers integrability with existing providers.

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    Veris Desk

    Enable employees to create speedy desk bookings, get instant reminders & empower facility teams to set smart booking rules. Monitor resource usage, through a real-time analytics dashboard mapping usage of desks.

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    Veris One

    Transition from a complex fragmented workplace ecosystem to a seamless & integrated one. Simplify facility management by unifying visitor check-ins, room & desk bookings, access control.

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