Safe workplace management tools (IWMS) for return-ready enterprises

Create a safe employee ready workplace environment. Build a brand new in-office journey for your returning employee with the help of our integrated workplace management system.

    A Unified One App Ecosystem (IWMS Software)

    Veris provides an AI-powered platform (IWMS Software) enabling you to create a workplace that intuitively remembers occupant preferences, offers personalized user journeys while ensuring water-tight security, privacy and safety. Veris One helps you equip your office with essential needs and services for reopening.

    Alice in workplace wonderland

    Visualizing the workplace journey before and after the Veris touch!


    Begin your due diligence of insiders and outsiders alike, way before they step onto your workplace. Empower both employees and visitors to fill health declarations from the comfort of their homes via their personal smartphones, assuring them while raising safety awareness.

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    Transition from touch-based attendance and tiresome visitor queues to contactless attendance & express check-ins, so Alice can clock-in seamlessly and invite her guests within minutes.

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    Touchless access & indoor movement

    Choose intuitive, secure and integrable access management for your workforce, enabling Alice to move through your premises, swiftly, securely & speedily.

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    Flexible desking & physical distancing

    Switch to a technology platform that propels employees to socially distance while at work, assuring Alice and all her co-workers, so they can focus on their daily deliverables.

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    AI-driven room scheduling & bookings

    Replace multiple redundant portals needed to schedule meetings and book rooms, empowering Alice to schedule and book from one single portal, saving her time and raising her productivity.

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    One-tap ordering & express servicingComing Soon

    Switch from a scattered ecosystem of endless apps to one user-friendly unified app, emboldening Alice to book her cab, request a janitor or order coffee for her guests within clicks.

    Bulletin board & modern
    ticketingComing Soon

    Enable your HR teams to communicate seamlessly with employees across geographies, gauge their collective reaction and collect instant feedback from employees to optimize processes.

    Build a workplace your employees love

    It is a shared commitment to learning, growing and tackling crises together, that creates lasting and sustainable workforce-readiness. Explore our workplace management products.

    Safe & Flexible

    Provide a tech-first environment to your employees. Fixed desks, floors, rooms, lockers, passage-way conversations, manual check-ins are passe. Offer a user-friendly app with parking, desk & meeting room booking options, dynamic availability for distance control, contactless check ins, automated alerts and more

    Easy & Automated

    Carve a unified, mobile-first human-centric and integrable ecosystem for your employees and visitors. Map various stages of the employee journey: pre-entry and check-in stage, Touchless access & In-premises movement, AI-driven desk & room scheduling, express servicing and need for collaboration.

    Efficient & Affordable

    Enable your resources to be more efficient. Help them with automation tools that save on time and costs. Veris integrated workplace management system products ensure an Uber like experience, improving space and resource utilization higher then pre-covid levels, more revenues per square foot and deeper engagement with tenants and occupants