Why Multinational Companies Need to Have a Multi-Location Visitor Management System

The visitor management system has proven to be a game changer in workplace management. It’s often the first step in digitising the workplace experience. For Multinational companies, workplace experience is not limited to just one location. They need uniformity, efficiency and optimisation across their locations, and a multi-location visitor management system facilitates that. Let’s see how to accomplish this.


The first thing that you should take into consideration while being a multinational organisation is consistency. Veris makes sure you have consistency all across your locations. If you want a policy enforced across all locations, the system can be customized to enforce it across all locations. Similarly, if you want to revoke or grant access to someone across all locations you can customise the system to do that.

This makes it critical to have it for all multinational companies, specifically when maintaining consistency is such a huge factor in a company’s image in the digital era.

Centralized Management

Management needs don’t add up but they multiply with multiple locations. This only makes the management job more difficult for your admins. Multi-location compliant Veris Visitor Management System comes with cloud-based management and real-time analytics. This will make managing facilities much easier.

Due to its Cloud-based nature, the entire visitor management can be done while your admin sits in any one of your locations or even when they are not in any location. This makes it cost-effective as well.

In addition to that, a cloud-based system makes it easy to access information from anywhere at any time, cutting down the time taken to find the information. Real-time analytics enable you to have full information about your facilities across multiple locations. All this helps you make decisions at a faster rate, thereby increasing efficiency.

Managing And Enforcing Workflows Consistently

While uniformity ensures efficiency, there are also specific needs that each different location might have. Regulations, policies and cultures as a whole can vary across multiple locations. A Multi-location visitor management system needs to be able to create unique customizable workflows.

Imagine an organisation is spread across multiple continents, with some offices in Europe as well. There are countries in the European Union that mandate GDPR compliance, but in India, GDPR compliance isn’t mandatory. Now if there are two offices of the same company in the EU and in India, a multi-location visitor management system, like Veris, can create customized workflows that are compliant with the laws and regulations of each location, and the vehicle also complies with the overall company policies.

A good example of this can also be NDA, let’s say you can have the system installed at two different locations, one of which is a research centre and the other a storage facility. Now the research facility might need a stricter NDA. You can make your visitors sign this NDA before they enter the facility. The ability of Veris to manage and customize workflows makes the system a must-have for all companies that operate in multiple locations.


The bigger the organization, the bigger the security threat it faces. With so much data collected each minute, it becomes vital to install a system that is safe and secure. Visitors no longer just consider physical security, but also the security of their data. If they feel that their data is not safe it will inevitably hamper their experience. Veris understands this and the system has been designed from the ground up keeping the security of the workplace and visitor experience in mind. Read more about how Veris can secure your workplace here.

Brand Visibility

Brand value is everything and giving a branded welcome to your visitors plays a vital role in maintaining that. Having a multi-location visitor management system helps in having uniform visibility. The system is capable of integrating itself with a company’s brand image.
For example, if your brand colours are Blue-Green and White, the system will integrate those colours into its system. Why is it important? It will ensure that no matter what location the visitor is visiting, they will always get the same consistent brand experience.

Fun fact: Brand recognition is increased by 80% with colour.


As companies look to digitize each and every aspect of their workplace experience, a Visitor management system for multiple locations is often the first step of their digitization journey. This is because It does far more than manage visitors; it ensures brand visibility, gives centralized and easy management, helps manage unique workflows and does all of it in a secure manner. For easy workplace management across different locations, the Veris Visitor Management system for multinational companies is the perfect option.

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