Touchless visitor registration system via a self-service kiosk

Lightning-fast Visitor

Visitors enter details on a user-friendly visitor registration system with contactless check-ins offered by our smart visitor management system.

Visitor Authentication via Facial Recognition

Auto-fetch recurring guest details via Facial Recognition and authenticate their identity through our pandemic-ready iPad check-in system.

COVID-19 Health

Our return-ready visitor registration system app enables visitors to sign the declaration with details on symptoms, contact history and more.

Give Guests a Branded

Showcase your brand logo to guests at the check-in terminal through our highly configurable visitor management system software.

Get back to work
safely with Veris Combat

Covid-19 Screening

Our Covid-19 screening module aligns with WHO workplace guidelines, conducting thermal scans, checking for mask compliance, limiting occupancy, and blacklisting high-risk visitors.

Aarogya Setu App Integration

Shield your workplace by capturing details pertaining to contact tracing, syndromic mapping, and self-assessment provided by the Aarogya Setu App developed by the Government of India.

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Smart visitor management system that makes best workplaces better

Delight employees & visitors with a superfast VMS app

Empower employees to schedule meetings, plan guest visits, and be informed about appointments with our powerful visitor management system.

On-the-Go Invites

With our mobile app give your employees the ability to fix meetings, pre-register their visitors from anywhere.

Instant Host Notifications

Leverage our electronic visitor management system to keep the host notified about the visitor’s arrival, departure & overstay.

Digital Employee Badges

Erase inefficiencies caused by lost badges by enabling staff to can carry unique digital IDs on their smartphone.

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Visitor tracking to know exactly what is going on at your workplace at all times

Track visitor movement in real-time through our electronic visitor management system software and receive easily downloadable analytics with the meticulously designed Veris dashboard.

Invite Guests & Manage Visitor Access

Effectively monitor workplace traffic across locations, send invites, authorize visit requests, customize and schedule visitor reports.

Customize Guest Registrations across Locations

Empower your facility teams to customize visitor processes for each location through our visitor registration system. Configure unique workflows for every visitor category.

Optimize Space Utilization through VMS Analytics

Access & analyze up-to-date information to make data-driven decisions per location and better manage arrivals.

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Secured Access Control
with Veris Gate

Integrate VMS with EM locks

Use EM locks to provide a sturdy security solution. Assign access cards to visitors with specific validity and access permissions without manually engaging with your system.

Flexible mobile access

Grant and revoke the access rights to guests, visitors or employees in real-time via secure mobile credentials.

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Every visitor management feature rooted in customer centricity

Power-packed full-feature visitor management system software suite from the first touchpoint

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Our visitor management system software seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem

Manage access control

Integrates with existing access control, ensuring frictionless entry and exit, through the premises.


Integrates with Wi-fi systems, enabling you to provision wifi credentials to selected guests, instantly.


Empowers you to design unique conditions, trigger workflows based on set conditions & customize on the go.


Adds guests to your MailChimp list so that you can continue to stay in touch with them, whenever you like.


Integrates with Slack, expands workforce and sends notifications to employees across selected channels.


Gives you the option of adding visitors as new leads in Salesforce, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity.

Build a workplace your employees love

It is a shared commitment to learning, growing, and tackling crises together, that creates lasting and sustainable workforce readiness. Explore our workplace management products.

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Safe & Flexible

Provide a tech-first environment to your employees. Offer a user-friendly app with parking, desk & meeting room booking options, dynamic availability for distance control, contactless check-ins, automated alerts, and more.

Easy & Automated

Carve a unified, mobile-first human-centric, and integrable ecosystem for your employees and visitors. Map various stages of their journey: pre-entry & check-in, touchless access & on-premises movement, and more.

Efficient & Affordable

Equip your resources with automation tools that save on time and costs. Our products ensure an uber-like experience, improving space and resource utilization, more revenues per square foot, and more.