A smart visitor management system for the “new normal”

Enhance the visitor check-in experience and ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment for your employees, visitors and contractors.

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Veris takes charge of the complete visit cycle of guests & employees

Lightning fast visitor check-ins

Visitors enter details on a user-friendly terminal with an option of contacless check-ins offered by our smart visitor management system.

COVID-19 Health Declaration

Our return-ready visitor registration app enables visitors to sign the COVID-19 health declaration with details on symptoms, past travel and contact history.

Smart Instant Notifications

Host employees receive instant notifications on guest arrival, reducing inefficiencies caused during manual communication via our visitor management system.

Check-Out Capture

From stepping in to stepping out, our electronic visitor management system keeps you informed about visitors, every inch of the way.

Get back to work safely with Veris Combat

front desk app

Touchless visitor management

Our contactless solution enables your guest to check-in via their personal device, scan a QR-code, enter a virtual visitor lobby and confirm check-in. This empowers your teams to create a touchless, safe and secure visitor experience.Learn More

COVID-19 Screening

Our COVID-screening module aligns with WHO workplace guidelines, sensitizing visitors, conducting thermal scans, checking for mask adherence, limiting occupancy, blacklisting high-risk visitors. Aarogya Setu app integrationLearn More

Aarogya Setu app integration

Shield your workplace with contact tracing, syndromic mapping and self-assessment provided by aarogya setu app developed by the Govt. of India. Conduct an easy risk evaluation of visitors via a QR scan and capture their location and latest travel history.Learn More

Body Temperature Scan

Integrate a Temperature Scanning Device into your overall entry process, to record and screen body temperatures of visitors and employees, daily. Blacklist individuals with high health-risk and raise red alerts to security teams, accordingly.Learn More

Visitor check-ins via a self-service kiosk

Touchless visitor check-ins

Our easy-to-use self check-in terminal which enables both touchless check-ins as well as self-service check-ins.

Speedy Check-ins for Large Groups

Hosting events is a delighful experience with our smart visitor management system.

Unique Journeys for each Visitor

Give different visitor categories, an experience created uniquely for them with our modern visitor sign-in system.

Issue Paper or Electronic Badges

Issue physical badges or go paperless and issue e-badgesto guests with our electronic visitor management system.

Auto-fetch Details via FR

Remember recurring guests via facial recognition via our pandemic-ready ipad check-in system.

Advanced Visitor Authentication

Ensure authencity of visitor data via OTP verification via our secure visitor sign-in app.

Give Guests a Branded Welcome

Showcase your brand logo to guests at the check-in terminal through visitor management software.

Smart Notifications

Our reception sign in app empowers host to receive notification & use 2-way communication.

Delight employees & visitors with a superfast check-in app

Empower employees to schedule meetings, plan guest visits and be informed about appointments with our powerful reception sign-in app.

reception sign in app
  • On-the-Go Invites
    With our mobile app give your employees the ability to fix meetings, pre-register their visitors from anywhere.
  • Instant Host Notifications
    Leverage our smart software to keep the host notified throughout the visitor’s journey from arrival and departure to overstays.
  • Digital Employee Badges
    Erase inefficiencies caused by lost badges by enabling staff to can carry unique digitally ID’s on their smartphone.

Know exactly what is going on at your workplace at all times

web based visitor management system

Every feature rooted in customer centricity

guest management software
Discover all Features

Seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem

Manage access control for visitors

Integrates with existing access control, ensuring frictionless entry and exit, through the premises.


Integrates with Wi-fi systems, enabling you to provision wifi credentials to selected guests, instantly.


Empowers you to design unique conditions, trigger workflows based on set conditions and customize on the go.


Adds guests to your MailChimp list so that you can continue to stay in touch with them, whenever you like.


Integrates with Slack, expands workforce and sends notifications to employees across selected channels.


Gives you the option of adding visitors as new leads in Salesforce, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity.

Beyond visitor management

Why just manage visitors when you can do so much more with the same tool?

Delivery Management

Keeps employees informed about the delivery date, time, location of their package, so they can focus on work.

Staff Attendence

Capture employee attendance in a secure, digitized & touchless manner, ensuring safety, speed and compliance.

Lost & Found

Enable admin teams to act with agility through easy registration of lost or found requests logged by employees.

Late Tracking

Ensure employee safety by tracking employees who stay overtimetake and use this data to craft effective employee policies.

Material Management & Inventory

Document visit schedules of your contractor workforce, ensuring accurate attendance and honest billing.


Capture feedback from clients, vendors, employees to improve overall workplace experience.

Contract Employee Registration

Document visit schedules of your contractor workforce, ensuring accurate attendance and honest billing.

Office Events & Gatherings

Capture accurate and legible contact details, making it a breeze to follow up with event attendees.

Our contactless solution enables your guest to check-in via their personal device, scan a QR-code, enter a virtual visitor lobby and confirm check-in. This empowers your teams to create a touchless, safe and secure visitor experience.

Ritesh Gupta
Dy. Manager – Max Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

Build a workplace your employees love

It is a shared commitment to learning, growing and tackling crises together, that creates lasting and sustainable workforce-readiness. Explore our workplace management products.

Safe & Flexible

Provide a tech-first environment to your employees. Fixed desks, floors, rooms, lockers, passage-way conversations, manual check-ins are passe. Offer a user-friendly app with parking, desk & meeting room booking options, dynamic availability for distance control, contactless check ins, automated alerts and more

Easy & Automated

Carve a unified, mobile-first human-centric and integrable ecosystem for your employees and visitors. Map various stages of the employee journey: pre-entry and check-in stage, Touchless access & In-premises movement, AI-driven desk & room scheduling, express servicing and need for collaboration.

Efficient & Affordable

Enable your resources to be more efficient. Help them with automation tools that save on time and costs. Veris workplace products ensure an Uber like experience, improving space and resource utilization higher then pre-covid levels, more revenues per square foot and deeper engagement with tenants and occupants

Integrated Workplace Management Products for your facility

Veris Welcome

Contactless 3-second check-ins for visitors, configurable visitor invites for employees, a real-time analytics dashboard for facility teams and an enterprise-ready feature suite for all.

Learn More

Veris Meetings

Seamlessly schedule meetings on your Outlook/Gsuite calendar, instantly book rooms on custom displays, release idle rooms to avoid ghost meetings and track room usage to optimize space utilization.

Learn More

Veris Combat

Transition to touchless staff attendance with facial recognition. Triple-scan visitors with thermal screening, mask detection and health declarations. Blacklist threats and generate instant alerts to security.

Learn More

Veris Gate

Create secure & seamless movement for employees with a mobile-first access solution. Transition to a safe, intuitive, and return-ready solution that offers integrability with existing providers.

Learn More

Veris Desk

Enable employees to create speedy desk bookings, get instant reminders & empower facility teams to set smart booking rules. Monitor resource usage, through a real-time analytics dashboard mapping usage of desks.

Learn More

Veris One

Transition from a complex fragmented workplace ecosystem to a seamless & integrated one. Simplify facility management by unifying visitor check-ins, room & desk bookings, access control.

Learn More

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