How Visitor Management Helps in Compliance

Every organization in the world is constantly trying to make sure that they are compliant. This makes sure that companies are in line with the legal regulations and requirements. GDPR guidelines lay the groundwork for modern-day digital privacy standards. In this blog, we will talk about how visitor management helps in compliance.


Traditionally managing logbooks was a hectic time-consuming task. How does installing a VMS change this? Imagine during an audit, if you need to provide specific information about a visitor for a specific date it can be provided in a matter of seconds. This is made possible due to Veris’s cloud-based visitor management system that can get you that information in just a few taps. This will also enable you to have more regular audits at your workplace making sure that everything is in order.

Data Retention & User Consent

Data retention and taking user consent has been a hot topic in the tech world recently. Regular news about data leaks and companies misusing data have added to the already raging debate of how data should be used. Giants like Apple have taken steps to ensure that data is used properly. They have heavily publicised their allow app to track feature which basically gives the user the choice to allow applications to track their data or not. This was hugely contested by other giants like Facebook who tend to rely on tracking data. So where does Veris stand with user data retention? Our visitor management system allows you to display your own privacy notice with its own unique terms and conditions before collecting data from its users. We also help you configure retention policies to comply with GDPR and CCPA. In recent projects, we customized our system to delete data after 6 months automatically. The time period can be changed according to the organization’s needs.


Industry standard data encryption is deployed by us to make sure all your data is protected during both the communication and storage process. There is secure data processing which means as per GDPR, Veris acts as a data processor, processing customer data securely. All Veris sub-processors undergo stringent security and privacy review before being onboarded. Regular penetration testing is conducted by experts to plug any security loopholes in the system during continuous updates. Deploying our visitor management system means deploying security for your workplace too.

Uptime and Compliance

Compliance is a regular ongoing process. Any visitor management system needs to have a high uptime to ensure that it helps in compliance rather than delays it. So, how does Veris ensure a very high uptime?

We use elastic load balancing, auto-scaling and distributed traffic across multiple availability zones via AWS Elastic Cloud and Lambda Services. By monitoring the infrastructure using New Relic and other tools, we ensure that if any component of the infrastructure is facing any issue, we get alerted about it immediately. Data is regularly backed up, stored and encrypted using AWS Backup Services. Multi-AZ deployments ensure fully automatic recovery in case of failures. DR tests are conducted regularly to ensure in case of disaster, business continuity can be ensured. Procedures are established for reporting incidents and tracking them for timely communication, investigation and resolution.


In a world where security is always of optimum importance, space is scarce, data is needed for every decision you make, and having uptime is crucial; a cloud-based VMS is a must. Along with making sure your workplace is compliant, cloud based VMS has many other advantages as well, especially ensuring that visitor management is not a pain like it traditionally used to be.