Our power-packed feature suite at your fingertips

At Veris, we don’t build features, we birth experiences. Our power-packed full-feature suite is an experience from the first touchpoint to the very end.

Impress your visitors

Self-check-in kiosk

Extend a red carpet welcome with Superfast Self serviced Check-in

Remember returing guests

Veris “remembers” previous guests & fetches information for faster Check-in

Build brand recall

Showcase your brand and wow guests with a modern first impression.

VIP check-in

Manually create visitor entries right from the dashboard for VIPs to skip the iPad

Collect feedback

Collect Visitor Feedback during Check-out or send feedback link via SMS

Brand Customization

Display custom images, messages or videos on your terminal on special occasions or to spread awareness

E-Badges for Visitors

Go green by sending badges directly to the visitor’s smart phone rather than physically printing the badges.

Pre-register visitors

Provide check-in details via email even before the visitor arrives

Provision for WiFi

Integrate with wi-fi systems (CISCO, Aruba, etc) to share unique Wi-Fi credentials

Print visitor badges

Provide Badges to Visitor for easy identifications and check-out

GDPR ready

Manage personal identifiable information of visitors securely with us

Multi-lingual Support

The Veris Terminal supports multiple languages so there are no language barriers when visitors check-in

Web-Check In

Just like web-check ins for an upcoming flight, we give visitors the luxury to do their web-based check-ins from their place of comfort, saving their precious time and energy.

Empower your administration

Custom workflows

Design multiple check-in flows, edit fields as per your visitor category with an easy to use drag n drop editor. Highly customisable solution, allows you to capture all possible details that are relevant for your business

Bulk Invites

Send invites in bulk to all visitors at once, by simply uploading a .csv file. This is highly useful for high footfall events, interview drives, among others

CSV upload

Import all of your employee records at once by uploading a CSV file

Multi-tenant Support

Easily manage mutiple tenants within one building from the terminal and dashboard

Report Scheduler

Receive daily, weekly or monthly visitor data reports in your inbox as per your convinience

Auto Check Out

Configure settings to automatically check-out all checked-in persons at mid-night for data sanity

Hourly Trend Analysis

Let’s you find out peak hours for your organisation when visitor inflow is highest, so that you can manage your team allocation accordingly

Manage multiple locations

View all locations from one centralized dashboard

Visitor reports & analytics

Available in Excel/CSV format. Multiple filters available for accurate & targeted reporting. Keep your management happy and provide them with detailed visitor flow reports. 

Badge Customization

Get the flexibility to display preferred visitor information on badges and customise the same based on visitor category

Security desk dashboard

Provide read-only access for admin teams to monitor a given list of invited visitors

Customize badge layout

Edit your CSS to customize the badge layout, font and design

On-behalf Invites

Facility Admin can create Invites on behalf of other employees

Track Device Health

See devices which are not working at any point and location from a central dashboard

Role-based admin hierarchy

Veris allows building a role-based admin hierarchy. Your team only views information as per their clearance level. Super admins access all venue data centrally, venue admins access single venue data only

Secure your premises

Click visitor pictures

Print visitor photo on badge. Photo enabled notification sent to hosts via email to help them identify the visitors they are meeting for the first time and extend a warmer welcome.

Visitor Check-Out

Visitors can check-out from terminals or facility teams can check them out via a web dashboard to accurately map exactly all visitors on the premises at any given time

Approval based entry

Restrict access to your premises with Invite only mode and the walk-in visitor is provided with an option to request a meeting with the host.

Watchlist (Coming soon)

Instantly alert your security team when specific visitors check in or are invited

Emergency Message Broadcast

Broadcast emergancy messages to everyone on the premises with a single click

Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication enabls approving/ denying meeting request or to communicate expected wait time.

Face recognition

Visitor verification via Face Recognition

Security workflows

Set approval policy for visitor invites based on hierarchy or group to ensure compliance and save time spent in coordination amongst teams. Fully automated workflows with sms/ email/ app based communication interface

NDA/policy signing

Make visitors sign documents upon check-in. Signed NDAs/ security protocols etc available via dashboard. Hassle-free record keeping of all signed documents.

Visitor Data Storage

All visitor data such as name, photo, government ID, etc are stored so that you always have access to accurate records of visitor data

Information security questionnaires

Audit our security policies & work with our team to make sure Veris is right for you


Create a blacklist based on keywords, appoint contacts to approve or deny access

Overstay alerts

Alert your security teams and hosts in case visitors overstay their welcome and remain on the premises beyond the scheduled time

Optimise your efficiency

Unlimited employees

Add any number of employees in your directory, allowed free access to web app

Assistant notifications

Assistants can now invite and receive notifications on behalf of their executives

Collect mobile app for check-in

Quicker check-in with Veris mobile app. Useful for frequent visitors

Create invites from calendar

Create Veris invites from digital calendars: Google, Outlook or any other

Group Check-Ins

Simplify check-ins for groups through this feature which is highly useful for high footfall meetings, gatherings, events etc.

Create Visitor Invites

Employees can invite visitors using the mobile app or web-app or the dashboard

Pre-print & reprint badges

Preprint badges for invited visitors or reprint badges for any checked-in visitor

Create invites on dashboard or mobile

Employees can invite visitors in Veris using the Veris web-application or Mobile app

Bulk invites

Upload CSV to send Invitations to a large group of visitors or interview candidates

Check-in from invites dashboard (Coming soon)

If you invited visitors, you can Check them from the dashboard with one easy click

Check-in via Dashboard (Coming Soon)

Check-in your visitors directly from the dashboard, taking charge from the visitor, and removing the need for him/her to self check-in

Mobile App based Check-ins

Visitors can speed up their check-in process via the Veris Mobile App by using their unique digital ID

COVID-19 Ready VMS

Touchless Check-ins

Welcome your visitors with confidence with our 100% touchless module which enables visitors to check-in through their personal smartphone

Face Mask Scan

Detect face mask on incoming visitors. If mask is not detected then message to wear a mask is displayed and alerts can be triggered to the concerned people for the same.

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Pose relevant COVID-19 screening questions to visitors, identify guests with high potential health-risk and instantly notify relevant facility teams

Aarogya Setu App Integration

This integration allows you to determin the risk status of visitors and accordingly notifies your host employee as we all security teams

Temperature Screening Sensor

Our terminals can be integrated with temprature scanning sensors which scans the body temperature of the visitors and lets you send immediate alerts to concerned teams in case of high temperatures.