What You Need to Ask Yourself in Order to Make the Right Visitor Badge

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:14 pm

A visitor badge is a component of any visitor management system, whether in a business or an educational environment. These badges serve as proof of identity for people entering the premises and usually include important information, such as the name of the visitor, their photograph and signature, the check-in date and time, expiration date/time and more.

Coupled with a visitor registration app, they can go a long way in improving the security of your premises.

Important Things to Consider When Deciding on Your Visitor Badges
The type of visitor badges you choose can have a significant impact on the security of your building. They are also very important with respect to your brand image since they are among the first things a prospective client would see from your company. This is why you need to take some important points into consideration while designing visitor badges for your visitor pass system.

1. Do you want it to expire?
Setting an expiration date and time for the badge is a good idea since it prevents visitors from overstaying their welcome. It also ensures the safety of your employees as well as your intellectual property, since those who might have overstayed can be easily identified.

2. How will you personalize it?
Visitor badges range from simple, handwritten pieces of paper, with only the name of the visitor and their purpose of visit, to highly personalized, digitally-printed badges with additional details, such as a photograph, signature, address, the person the visitor has come to meet, timestamp with expiration date and much more. Choose what information is most important to ensure maximum security for your premises.

3. Do you need role recognition?
A visitor badge can also include a QR code. In this way, you can grant different visitors access to different areas within the building, while keeping certain areas off-limits. This can further improve your security system.

4. How will your guest wear the badge?
You can have badges with lanyards worn around the neck, or have guests carry them in wallet-like badge holders, use convenient retractable badge reels or simply opt for the economical clip attachments.

5. Will the Badge be Paper/ Digital/ Mobile based?
Visitor badges can be handwritten by the receptionist, digitally printed or be mobile app-based. As compared to handwritten badges, digitally printed badges are a much better option. They can be made very quickly while including a lot of information about the visitors and keeping your receptionist free for other tasks. However, the best option would be a visitor management mobile app that serves as a digital ID. Firstly, they make the process even faster and, secondly, they don’t add to your costs the way printing would.

Why You Need a Software-Based Solution for Visitor Badges
A badge alone cannot serve as an effective way of ensuring that there isn’t any undesirable activity by an individual who enters your premises. What you need is a powerful visitor registration app to go along with it. The traditional method of logging in details in a notebook is highly ineffective. In case a visitor overstays, there is no way to know whether they have overstayed or where within the building they might be. Plus, manual methods are error-prone.

On the other hand, having an electronic vistor sign in system offers numerous advantages. It makes the entire process seamless and quick. Visitors can log in their details themselves in the iPad receptionist app, which can then be verified via an OTP sent to their mobile phone. When each visitor can be tracked in real time by the security department, ensuring that no one overstays or enters restricted areas.. it is such a breeze. If there is an emergency, every single person within the premises can be simultaneously alerted through a notification on their mobile phone, sent via the visitor management mobile app.

Making the right visitor badges for your organization and ensuring its security can be easily achieved with a powerful system like Veris, which offers a host of security features. So, why wait? Give your security system the boost it needs today by opting for the Veris advantage.