Your Reception Area Makes an Impression

“A stunning first impression is not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely, it’s an invitation to consider the matter.” ~Lois McMaster Bujold

That’s how important first impressions are! It lays the foundation stone for a positive, long-lasting business relationship. The first impression for your business is created by the reception area. That’s what visitors experience first, when they step into your office. When these visitors are prospective clients, potential business partners or prime job candidates, this impression becomes all the more important.

Imagine This

After months of follow-ups, you’ve finally got an appointment with a prospective client. He’s agreed to visit your office. You’ve made it a point to look your best, have your presentation ready and have practiced your sales pitch to the Team.

Now, your prospective client walks into your reception area. Unfortunately, the receptionist has been having a hectic day. Leave alone greeting him with a pleasant smile, she doesn’t even look up when asking for contact details. Your prospective client is from Germany and the receptionist can’t understand his accent. She makes him repeat everything and spell out his name. Even then, the details entered are not completely accurate. Finally, she makes him wait while trying to update you about his arrival.

What if you had the Veris visitor management system instead? The first impression would be described with words like convenient, classy, trendy and tech-savvy.

Make Visitors Feel Special

It’s time to upgrade your reception area to make a great first impression. Get the Veris visitor management system and ensure a smooth, simple, smart and secure visitor experience.

The Veris terminal is placed in your reception area and visitors can use this for a smooth and easy check in. This self-service kiosk can be an iPad or Android tablet that enables visitors to register themselves without having to deal with a receptionist. And, once they’ve registered, their records will always be there in the system. So, they don’t need to fill the details again on their subsequent visits.

Reduce Wait Time for Visitors

The Veris ecosystem ensures that your VIP visitors don’t have to wait at the reception. The moment they arrive and register at the terminal, you are sent an instant SMS notification. To make it even more convenient for your important visitors, you have the option of preregistering them. This not only sends them a notification with appointment details, but also sends them GPS coordinates to your office. This enables them to reach your office easily and check-in at the terminal in a flash.

Many Benefits of a Feature-Rich System

The Veris terminal has OTP-based mobile number verification, which ensures accuracy of cellphone numbers. It also has the option of capturing a picture of the visitor. This is securely stored in the Veris cloud, along with the visitor data.

What’s more is that this visitor management system enables the printing of customized badges for your visitors. For this, the system supports the Brother QL-720 label printer.

The Veris visitor management system also integrates with wi-fi systems and shares unique credentials with your visitors. Now your visitors can browse the net with ease while in your office.

Build Your Brand Image

Apart from allowing a superfast check-in, the Veris visitor management system has several customization options and its super easy to align it with your brand image. The system also has the custom fields feature, which allows you to easily customize the details you wish your visitors to furnish.

Modernize your front desk and create a “wow” experience for your visitors at the reception. Now, isn’t that an amazing first impression?

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