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Workplace Future is Now! Is Your Office Ready For The Paradigm Shift?

Recently updated on August 1st, 2022 at 03:03 pm

It is estimated that by the year 2020, over 46% of the total workforce will consist of tech-friendly millennials – which means digitization will change the face of offices soon enough. This Boomerang Generation is one of the connected multi-taskers! Technology comes easy to them and modern-day apps are what they prefer. The influx of young minds at the workplace is quickly changing the way we work and is altering the way offices function.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Process Automation (PA), and workplace sensors are gradually replacing traditional ways of doing things. Offices are gradually moving towards cloud-based management systems and touch-interfaces targeted towards increasing manpower efficiency.

What should offices do to attract more millennials and be future ready? To sustain and grow in today’s time; an organization must balance human resources and digitization to keep up with the generational trend. Years ago when computers were newly launched, there was a wave of fear among individuals that soon manpower will be replaced by machines, but these days, computers have become an imperative part of our professional life. People have come to understand that technology doesn’t threaten them, rather it can be productively used to make their lives easier, and this is how:

Multitask – Rise Above the Humdrum 

Using modern office technology, employees spend lesser time on everyday routine tasks and can engage in brainstorming, take up additional responsibilities, and be more productive. Automation reduces the time spent on frequent and repetitive tasks and improves the efficiency. New-age office software increases the employee productivity and leads to increased job satisfaction too. Apps and software make office management easier.

Beyond the Limitations of Location

In today’s time and age, the location factor has become irrelevant. Business meetings and creative collaborations are all taking place digitally. Business owners and employees co-exist in different time zones and geographies. The concept of work from home has become highly popular, where employees are neither expected nor are required to be glued to their seats to achieve productivity. They can work from the comfort of their home as well as stay updated and connected with developments at work.

 Securing Data through Digitization

With automation, data is accessible anytime, anywhere and hence the physical location of the data hardly matters. Strategically managing data is very important for every business. Every business deals with data on some level, from financial records to customer information. Technology helps you efficiently store, manage, retrieve, and access the data as per the requirement. Gone are the days when office cabinets were filled with piles of papers, now data can be stored and accessed within seconds and that too from anywhere and at any time. The digitization of data also reduces data redundancy by decreasing the chances of duplication and error.

 Secure and Seamless Digital Impression

The office eco-system is not restricted to its employees, but also its visitors. A visitor can be an existing customer or a prospective one, a job applicant, a vendor, a consultant, or a delivery person. Old-fashioned binders are being replaced by visitor management technology, which is not only used for digital documentation of records but also enhances office security by data validation and instant emergency notifications. Veris, one of the most trusted Visitor Management Suite in India, can enhance the visitor and employee security, create a safe and smooth workplace access, and elevate your company image as one suited to the millennial workforce.

Automation in the workplace can save time, money, and headaches. The future of the workplace is digital. The question is, “Is your office ready for the paradigm shift?”