How Workplace Design Can Drive Happiness and Productivity?

Recently updated on November 5th, 2022 at 12:03 pm

What drives workplace happiness? Happy employees make for a better business. According to various studies, when it comes to increasing employee happiness various factors such as flexible hours, growth opportunities, and appreciation comes into play. Also, taking pride in one’s organization is a key contributor to driving happiness.

Each workday, we spend about 8-9 hours at work, some of us even more…that’s nearly half our lives! Employees have enough and more on their minds: targets, deliveries, reports, meetings, and what not. Workplace designs should be such that they don’t add to the already hassled work life. It should be seamless, add to the workforce efficiency and eliminate any kind of mundane repeatedness that wastes time. Reportedly, there is evidence to show that employee’s happiness doesn’t exclusively depend on their income.

A notional shift is occurring in workplaces; the idea of a Chief Happiness Officer is also catching up. Organizations have appointed CHOs to create a supportive environment to make employees feel empowered, engaged, and fulfilled whenever and wherever they do their work.

Let’s evaluate the changing workplace trends:

Replace Chaos with Order

Offices should be designed to increase people’s performance. Chaotic and congested workspaces clutter the mind and also, decrease the concentration and productivity. Office spaces should be designed around functional considerations. It is the age of future-friendly workplaces. Go paperless, more so…go digital!

Master Your Technology

Simple comforts can have a monumental impact on the employee’s productivity. There are numerous technological innovations that help simplify tasks thereby increasing efficiency and reducing efforts. With ever-increasing millennial workforce, organizations need to keep in mind what level of automation these young minds have reached in their personal lives and try to minimize that gap in their professional lives.

Make Invisible Processes

The workforce feels very restricted when they feel they are ‘Having-to-do-something’ that either is a waste of time or will not add to their individual measurable deliverables. Which is why most employees get rather frustrated with mundane activities and additional steps that they need to abide by for organizational security or as per company policies. New design trends suggest that enterprises should adopt automation tools, that are immensely seamless and so easy to use that they are practically invisible and don’t occupy any additional mind-space.

Veris is a cloud-based visitor management system that empowers organizations to collect visitor information in the most efficient manner. It improves office security along with increasing the employee efficiency by saving time and efforts through self-check and pre-registration. By upgrading to Veris, you can optimize your front-desk operations and eliminate the mundane repetitiveness of having to manually enter details in a log book or wait for a receptionist. It offers the advantage of simply downloading the Veris app and checking-in instantly. It reaches the top workplace design trends this year – it replaces chaos, makes use of millennial-friendly touch-interface technology that minimizes worthless human interaction, and is amazingly seamless!