Why Veris is a winning decision?

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:14 pm

Veris is a versatile and advanced visitor management software that has solved many crucial issues for organizations all across India. It is currently installed on over 1,900 terminals and has served more than 11 lakh visitors. Bharti Realty, British Council, The Royal Bank of Scotland and One Horizon Center are some of the leading names utilizing this innovation.

Veris offers unique features that set it apart from the competition. The amount of flexibility, security and productivity offered by this system is unmatched. Here is why Veris has been a winner right from the get-go.

Efficient Visitor Verification

Veris has provided a highly efficient solution to one of the biggest problems faced by multi-tenant buildings – the need for a secure and seamless method of verifying visitors. This visitor management system allows visitors to fill in their details at a self-check-in kiosk at the reception, upon which a notification gets sent automatically to their host. This process is much more convenient and faster than maintaining a logbook, while allowing the admin and security to gain access to real-time visitor data.

Unmatched Brand Experience

Succeeding in business today is all about giving people a memorably positive brand experience. With the Veris visitor management software, you can customize the screens to display your company’s logo, name, brand message, images and more. In short, you give each visitor a unique brand experiences right from the front door.

Moreover, options like visitor check-in through an iPad portray your brand as tech-savvy and pro-innovation. It also shows how much you value your visitor and how committed you are to creating an integrated workplace.


The software can be easily adapted to the specific needs of your business premises. Do you need to track those who work odd-hours to ensure their safety? Do you want real-time information on visitors who have overstayed their time within the premises? Do you wish to coordinate third party apps, such as food vendors or cab services, for a hassle-free and smooth experience? Or do you wish to ensure that some areas remain restricted to visitors? Veris offers you the option to adapt the system conveniently.

Valuable Data

Corporations around the country are switching to cloud-based systems. This is due to the flexibility offered by such systems in terms of associated costs. Veris stores all visitor data on a secure cloud, such that visitor details can be accessed by authorized personnel at any time. Reports can be generated and the data can also be used for marketing purposes, as well as to invite key people for crucial events.


Rising security threats have made it essential to have the best security system for your organization. Veris significantly boosts security and not just by preventing the entry of unauthorized persons. It also gives alerts if anyone has stayed beyond the time allowed. Being linked to the smartphones of everyone within the premises, it becomes a breeze to evacuate people during emergency situations, such as a fire. In addition, blacklisted persons are denied entry right at the reception, without any human error.


Software that is critical to a business obviously cannot have features with bugs. All the data entered on the highly reliable and secure Veris reception management system is collated on the building’s central server. This method is far better than having the receptionist manually maintain a logbook and have to go through a huge amount of physical data to find the required information. In addition, these logbooks do not provide any means to verify the information provided or prevent misuse of data. Veris authenticates every detail filled in by the visitor and keeps this data secure.

Every company that wishes to thrive amidst intensifying competition needs to stay one step ahead of the rest. Upgrade to the Veris advantage today and give your brand the boost it needs to reach new heights.