Why Every Manufacturing Facility Needs a Visitor Management Tool

Every day, a variety of people walk into a manufacturing plant, including guests, contractors, temporary employees, suppliers and more. To keep track of them all, the facility generally has a paper logbook, in which these individuals enter their details.

This might seem like an efficient visitor management solution. But, how do you ensure that these people visit only the areas that they’re supposed to and that they don’t do anything undesirable while they’re inside. And, what do you do on a day when there are a huge number of visitors?

The answer to these questions lies in visitor sign in software. Here are some ways in which smart visitor log software can be far more efficient than maintaining a physical log book for managing visitors in manufacturing facilities.

Professional Approach to Visitors

A visitor registration app in an elegant tablet looks much more professional than an inconvenient log book and creates a positive image of your brand in the mind of the guests, some of which could be potential future clients. You can also feature your company’s name and logo in the app to make an even stronger first impression.

A System for Real Time Visitor Tracking and Creating a Visitor Database

As soon as the visitor has signed in, you can start tracking them within the premises. The visitor tracking system allows you to know their name, identification data, details of the host, their current location and how much time they spend inside the building. You can also set up a camera with the app and obtain their picture.

If a visitor exceeds their time at the facility, the system will immediately raise a red flag. All the information about the visitors can be readily accessed through a dashboard and stored for future reference in the system database. In this way, the system enables you to track the historical patterns of visitors too. You can even look up visitor information for a specific date.

Restricting Access and Protecting Property

You might wish to keep certain areas at your facility off-limits to visitors. You can achieve this by setting up separate kiosks at the entrance to these areas and ensure that only authorized visitors gain access by signing in.

Having made a huge investment in your manufacturing plant, you would surely want to protect it from vandalism and theft. You would also need to ensure the safety of your employees and intellectual property. Being the first defence barrier, your reception area needs an efficient way of preventing unauthorized entry. A visitor management system would work much better in this respect as compared to a log book, where someone can easily input incorrect information.

Creating Visitor Badges

Visitor badges ensure that a visitor has been authorized access the facility. You can print badges with the company’s name and logo, the name and picture of the visitor, the areas they are permitted to access, the name of the host and more with visitor sign in software. The software can also be programmed to create different styles of badges for different types of visitors.

Government and International Regulations

Manufacturing plants may need to comply with certain regulations related to visitors. So, you need a visitor management solution that provides features like identity verification and ID scanning, which make it easier to meet such compliance requirements and generate reports during an audit.

A System for Tracking Visitors in Emergency Situations

Getting a head count is the first thing to do in case of an emergency. With a visitor tracking system, you can do so in seconds and even send out alarms to evacuate the premises on everyone’s smartphones to ensure safety. On the other hand, a log book would be useless in such a situation.

These are only a few of the many benefits associated with using visitor sign in software. Being highly customizable, such a system can be tailored to suit all kinds of workflows and business needs and ensure a simple, secure and efficient visitor experience.

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