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What Technologies You Must Have for a Future Ready Hybrid Workplace

The hybrid workplace relies a lot on technology to function efficiently. It forms a part of your employee and visitor journey. So picking the right technology to assist your hybrid workplace is pivotal. We have compiled a list of hybrid work technologies that will benefit your workplace when integrated.

The Hybrid Workplace is a modern concept that can become pretty complex to implement unless aided by the right technologies. The technologies form the core of such a hybrid environment and ensure that the workplace runs smoothly and is effortless for employees as well as visitors.

In this article, we have compiled a list of hybrid workplace technologies that make the hybrid workplace concept feasible.

Helpful Technologies for the Modern Hybrid Workplace

With hybrid workplace technologies, teams or management can plan meetings, keep a check on visitors, book desks more effectively and do a lot more. Let us dive into all the must-have hybrid workplace tools that your organization needs to be future-ready.

Visitor Management System

Let’s start with the first step of the journey- the gate and the reception. Your digitization journey for your hybrid workplace should start from your office’s front door. Deploying a good visitor management system would revolutionize your workplace experience while making it more secure. Here are some key benefits of deploying an effective Visitor management system:

  • Better visitor experience:

Give your visitors a seamless experience with visitor management software that supports multiple languages, pre-registers visitors, is GDPR compliant, has self-check-in Kiosks, prints visitor badges or E-badges, and a lot more.

  • Easy Administration:

Make your organization’s administration more efficient, effective and productive by installing an impeccable VMS that can send bulk invites, customize reports and analytics, support multiple tenants, etc.

  • More Secure:

Make your workplace more secure by getting visitor management software that does more than just click visitor pictures; the modern VMS can alert overstays, broadcast emergency messages, and store visitor data for future audits as well as compliance.

  • An Optimized Workplace:

Make your workplace future-ready by efficiently optimizing your resources. Choose a visitor management software that is cloud-based and does not need a lot of infrastructure,  is easily customizable, multi-location ready, and has mobile app-based check-ins.

Read more about the benefits of having a good Visitor Management System.

Desk Booking Software

Now that you have your employees inside the office, would you like them to search for a place to sit or have it pre-booked before they come and just seamlessly go and sit and start working? Obviously the latter, so how can you achieve this? By simply using an intelligent desk booking system that can take care of conflicting seating requirements.

You can use the rostering feature to designate seats and areas for your teams so that they are always sitting in a collaboration-friendly space. This will also be of great help when you have to manage different schedules for different employees, on different days.

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Communication Platform

First of all, why should you have a separate platform for within-office communication? Why not pick the popular ones that everyone is using? A couple of key reasons for that are as follows:

  • First, you need something that is secure.
  • Second, you need something that is customizable to your own company. Even something as simple as having an email id with your company’s name on it goes a long way.
  • Third, this helps everyone across all levels to segregate personal and official communication.

One of the prime enablers of the hybrid mode is effective communication software. In a hybrid workplace, some people are working from home while some are working from offices (which themselves might be located in different locations), but everyone needs to collaborate together. The collaboration could be as simple as sending messages, or broader as audio calls, video calls, group calls, screen sharing, file sharing, etc. The Covid pandemic brought to light a lot of such tools, which have made communication seamless. The preferred communication tools in this space are Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Workspace, Zoom, etc.; but there are many other such platforms available which can help you with it.

Communication is essential no matter what business you are in and Veris understands this. Our hybrid workplace technologies allow you to have two-way communication with your visitors making the entire process seamless and easy. Not only that, Veris integrates with Slack, so that alerts related to your employees as well as visitors can be delivered on Slack.

Video Conferencing Software

If you work at a hybrid workspace or are planning to transition into one, you will have employees working from everywhere and not just in your office. This also means that meetings now will have attendees from everywhere and not just from the office. A good meeting can set the mood and can help in productivity and meeting goals. A meeting that is spoiled due to interruptions or any other reason can do just the opposite. Hence, video conferencing software is another important hybrid workplace tool that comes in handy with this issue.

Here are some things you should remember while picking the right video conferencing software:

  • Consider how secure it is
  • Make sure it’s easy to understand and use
  • Take note of the resolution
  • Check for advanced capabilities and integrations

Meeting Room Manager

Imagine a scenario where you have managed your employees using rostering but now when they are in the office they have no idea about which meeting rooms they can use. This would directly hamper the collaboration in your team and stand in between making your hybrid workplace function efficiently.

Veris Meeting Room Manager allows your employees to check if the meeting room is available, for how long it is occupied, book the meeting room in advance for planned meetings, and even allows you to order meals, request sanitization and other things through the app. All this ensures that there is no confusion in your hybrid workplace.

In simple words deploying the best hybrid workplace technology like Veris Meeting Room Manager would make meetings exciting, easy and flexible for your hybrid workplace.

Integrated Workplace Management System

Why do you need a Workplace Management System, and does it replace our management team?

Well to answer the first part, make things easy. An integrated workplace management system will uncomplicate things. An IWMS-like Veris One app allows you to manage everything just with one app.

Learn more about the benefits and purpose of the IWMS software.

Now coming to answer the second part of the question- No, it is not a system to take away people’s jobs. It actually makes their day-to-day operations easy with features such as live analytics that give your admins the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Learn More!

The above is a list of hybrid workplace technologies to get you started on the path of making your office future ready. However, this list is not exhaustive in any way; you might have your own specific requirements and scenarios, but do know that there is definitely a technology to support that out there. Consultants of Veris have been working with organizations of all sizes located globally and would love to help you out in your journey to make your workplace a pleasant experience for your employees and visitors.

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