Veris Meeting Room Manager: Seamless Scheduling, Easy Booking and Continuous Optimization

Successful meetings give employees the opportunity to contribute to the success of the company, which builds feelings of inclusion and being trusted. Meetings with clients and vendors can seal critical business deals that would otherwise not have been possible. While meeting time should be spent on building value and driving strategic execution, the time spent organizing meetings and matching space availability with requirements is utterly wasteful. Why invest employee time into this, when you can have a powerful system doing it for you… in an error-free, super-fast and efficient way.

Need an immediate one-on-one meeting? You could spend more time getting the team together and booking the room that on the actual meeting. Wish to schedule a client presentation? You may run helter skelter looking for the room that can handle all your needs.

Finding a right-sized meeting room at short notice could be a big hassle. At times there are double bookings. At other times, space utilization cannot be optimized due to ghost bookings. To address all these concerns, Veris has launched its Meeting Room Manager. It’s not just a state-of-the-art device or a robust process, it’s an experience of completely stress-free collation.

A Dream Come True Meeting Room Manager

Veris has the perfect solution for all stakeholders, whether one is scheduling the meeting, attending it or ensuring meeting room availability. This is because we created this Meeting Room Manager after discussions with clients, understanding their needs and pain-points.

The Veris Meeting Room Manager is a fully loaded ecosystem that makes managing meeting rooms across multiple locations a breeze, while significantly lowering your operating costs. Here are some of the main advantages you’ll experience:

Easy Booking of Meeting Rooms

Companies may have multiple portals that employees need to use to book a meeting room. This process can be cumbersome and a waste of precious time. And, the more tedious the process, the more prone to errors and miscommunication it is.

The Veris Meeting Room Manager integrates with daily calendars that employees use. This means one can use G-Suite, Outlook or any other scheduler to book a meeting room. When you add a meeting to the calendar, it shows you meeting room availability right there. Depending on your preference, you can set up the meeting and send out invites from your calendar to attendees.

Seamless Viewing of Real-Time Status

Lack of visibility into the status of meeting rooms can create problems like double booking, ghost booking and booking failures, all of which can harm a company’s reputation with employees, clients and other stakeholders.

How about a smart looking display fitted outside each meeting room showing the status? Book the meeting directly from these meeting room displays. Simply enter your official email ID, the meeting duration and confirm. With sophisticated LED blinkers of different colours for different meeting room statuses, employees can spot an available room easily as they glide through the workspace.

The “End or Extend Meeting” functionality, participants can easily extend meeting hours or notify users of a meeting ending before time.

What about ghost meetings? Well, we’ve thought of that too. The meeting room displays have “start booking” and “end booking” buttons, which an attendee needs to check on. The system waits for some predefined time, say 15 minutes, for an attendee to check the button. In the absence of this, the meeting room status is changed to “available” and anyone can book it. The meeting room cancellation notification is sent to attendees on their email IDs and phones.

Resource Optimization

Workplaces are dynamic environments. Meetings can get cancelled or postponed at the last minute. Sometimes not every attendee will turn up for a scheduled meeting. Some meetings need to take place at predefined intervals, maybe weekly or monthly, but the dates keep changing. All these dynamics cause problems in resource optimization. In the absence of utilization data, companies can’t provide the right mix of space size and types, meeting tools and other facilities to cater to different needs.

The Veris meetings dashboard provides a one-stop analysis functionality. It lists all resources with colour-coded status. With accurate and real-time information, meeting rooms can be filtered on the basis of time, duration and location. Through the dashboard, companies can optimize their space management by locating underperforming meeting rooms, peak usage hours, average meeting length, number of participants and many more such parameters. This helps with adequate resources being available at the right time.

With options like “start booking” and “end booking” on the meeting room display, it becomes possible for companies to map the actual usage hours, rather than making calculations based on booking details.

The Veris Meeting Room Manager is an integrated, easy-to-use solution that gives companies deeper insight into space utilization. Managing meetings has never been this smooth and flexible.

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