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Veris is Not Just a Sign-in App, It’s Much More!

The modern workplace is one of the many areas to have benefitted from technological innovations. Easily accessible applications on various devices have facilitated increased collaboration amongst employees, enabling greater flexibility, productivity and security at the office premises.
The Veris visitor tracking system is an example of just such versatile technology that has helped solve many critical issues for offices. It is not merely a visitor registration app, but is a highly customizable solution, crafted to suit various workforce and enterprise needs.

Managing Deliveries
From courier packages to food deliveries, office security teams face lot of dilemmas in letting strangers inside the premises. What often ensues are periods of confusion and distraction on the part of employees, who not only need to coordinate with puzzled delivery executives but also with the receptionist or security teams at the entry gates. The visitor management software helps to avoid such hassles. The delivery executive can simply come and register themselves, while also notifying the host through the system. The employee can then give the required instructions to the receptionist. A lot of time and energy is saved in the process. No more rushing to the reception area, every time a package is delivered.

Late Hours Tracking
Safety of employees is a prime concern for any organization, especially one with women who travel at odd hours. The Veris visitor check-in software is not just a tracking system for office visitors; it can be integrated with third-party applications like cab services to track the routes taken by employees before and after office hours. A female employee can enter all credentials and in/out times. The app will record all vital information pertaining to the driver, the vehicle number and GPS routes till the scheduled destination. Family members can track these movements too. This ensures high level of security for female employees during their transit to and from the office.

Feedback System
The way an organization treats visitors and clients on its premises speaks volumes about its culture and brand image. However, this is a continuous exercise, always with some scope of improvement. Through the Veris sign-in app, visitors can provide valuable feedback on their experience at the office premises. This is particularly helpful when companies host events, such as seminars, exclusive product launches, press meets or other important meetings with foreign delegations. Moreover, since the log software captures all critical information related to visitors, companies gain a source of customer data, stored securely on the cloud, to be accessed as and when needed. These visitors can be sent invites to future events or notified regarding new products and services.

Lost and Found Register
How about creating a register where employees can record complaints regarding lost and found items from time to time? In any office, the admin department often tackles incidents of valuable items that go missing. The Veris registration app can efficiently include such functionality. People who find unattended items on the premises can report them on a list provided by the software, visible to all employees.

Meeting Room Display
An often-overlooked aspect of managing client relationships is the availability of meeting rooms. Often, clients arrive for important meetings, only to be kept waiting for the conference or meeting room to become free. The Veris visitor tracking system helps ward off such embarrassments. Employees can be notified of meeting schedules, and the assigned meeting rooms for them, so that they can plan their client visits accordingly. The system gives real-time alerts to security and admin personnel, notifying them of appointments too. This gives them ample time to prepare for client visits. As a result, an organization can provide excellent hospitality to important clients.
Whether through DIY devices of self-service kiosks or a manned terminal, the Veris visitor management solutions offers companies an efficient and convenient way to manage various aspects of people entering and leaving its premises.

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