4 Top Benefits of Veris Visitor Management System

Recently updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 03:56 pm

Some basic questions that a person might have before installing a visitor management system at their workplace is why should they?

Logbooks have kept things running for so long why should they adapt to a visitor management system? Is it worth the investment?

What are the benefits of visitor management system?

In this article, we will examine the benefits of the visitor management system and answer all your questions.

Why can’t logbooks continue?

Logbooks have been around for ages, so why are we suddenly getting rid of them? Well, think about the space you need to store them, the time needed to find something that has been recorded in the past, covid-19 taught us not to touch something that is commonly touched by other people. Think about how logbooks don’t fit in the digital landscape of today. Security is another concern as in today’s day and time, security is everything and your visitors would want a visitor management system that guarantees security and the security of logbooks has a huge question mark over it.  Everything around the workspace is digitised, easy to access, and secure so should your visitor management system be. These are just a few of the reasons why your workplace needs to get rid of the logbook system and move a leap forward to a solution for the future. 

Benefits of a visitor management system over logbooks in simple points:-

  • Time-consuming 
  • Not easily accessible 
  • Maintenance costs 
  • Security concerns
  • Misfit in a digital age 

How does a visitor management system gets rid of workplace management woes 

We just saw the difficulties an organization can face managing its visitors. How does installing a visitor management system solve these problems? 

1- Leave an impact on visitors

Use Veris visitor management system not just to make the visitor check-in a frictionless experience but also use it to impress your visitors. How will Veris visitor management system do that? With its features such as:-

  • Self-check-in Kiosk  
  • Pre-register visitors 
  • Print visitor badges or E-Badges 
  • Rember returning visitors
  • GDPR ready
  • Brand customization 
  • Covid integrations 
  • Muti-lingual support 
  • Web-check-in 
  • Collect feedback 
  • Wifi integration

2- Empower your administration for maximum optimization  

Give your administration the power of a Veris visitor management system and watch as with its help your workplace reaches a new level of efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Here are some of the

benefits of visitor management system

  • Bulk invites
  • Custom workflows 
  • Visitor reports and analytics 
  • Badge customization 
  • Customize badge layout
  • CSV upload 
  • Multi-tenant support 
  • Report scheduler 
  • Auto check-out 
  • Track device health 
  • Hourly trend analysis 
  • Manage multiple locations

3- Premise security with the visitor management system 

Veris visitor management system doesn’t just limit itself to managing visitors it also brings to the table security. The Veris visitor management system comes with integrated access control systems that help you have full knowledge and control of your premises. Along with this, more features help make your workplace secure and they are as follows:-

  • Click visitor pictures 
  • Security  workflows
  • Visitor check-out 
  • Approved based entry
  • Visitor data storage  
  • Information security questionnaires
  • Emergency message broadcast
  • Blacklist 
  • Two-way communication
  • Overstay alerts 
  • Face recognition 

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4- Optimization and efficiency are the pillars of the visitor management system 

Workplaces of the future are focused on two primary things, 1- how to optimize all their resources and 2- how to be efficient. Every solution that is provided tried to answer these questions. Veris visitor management system is no different it has been specifically developed to make sure your workplace is fully optimised and efficient. Here are some solutions or benefits of visitor management system:-

  • Manage unlimited employees 
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Customization 
  • Assistant notifictaions
  • Calendar invites 
  • Bulk invites  
  • Mobile app-based check-ins 
  • Check-in via dashboard 

Leap toward a future-ready workplace 

So with all its future-ready features adding a visitor management system to your workplace seems like a no-brainer. One must not forget that the visitor management system is not just for a frictionless entry and exit of visitors now it comes with the benefits of security, efficiency, and workplace optimization. Veris visitor management system already has 4 Million+ Check-Ins functional at 300+ Clients and Serves at 1500+ locations. Click here  for a demo