Top 5 Most Loved Features in Our MRM

How did meetings, one the most important elements of an organization’s collaborative culture, go on to become so despised? Turns out, the task of planning meetings can be as bothersome as sitting through one. Too many things have to fall into place to meetings to take place – from sending invites to getting people together at the same time at a designated place, finding an appropriate meeting room, the list is long. All this acts as a significant drain on employee productivity, engagement and resource management.
Trust technology to turn pointless meetings into productive ones! Our integrated meeting room manager (MRM) has been designed to intuitively solve meeting scheduling problems across industries.
Take a look at the 5 key ways in which the feature-rich platform is helping companies conduct smooth and efficient meetings across the board.

1. Simple Scheduling Options

As if the workload wasn’t enough to start with, employees also have to navigate through multiple portals to book meetings and send invites on a daily basis. The Veris Meeting room manager allows people to schedule meetings through their regular Google Suite or Outlook calendar or any other scheduler that they normally access on their laptops, mobiles or tablets. Details such as attendees, agenda, duration and meeting room can be added here from anytime and anywhere, all in one step.
The invites are immediately sent to the concerned people via emails or messages. By integrating the MRM with the Veris Visitor Management Software (VMS), guests can be sent pre-invites with the meeting room number, QR code, GPS location and web check-in, even before they enter the premises. Now, that’s how you make a great first impression.

2. Stylish, Color-Coded Meeting Room Displays

The 10.1” multipoint touchscreen displays, installed outside meeting rooms, allow people to book ad-hoc meetings directly from the screen itself too. They are fitted with LED blinkers, which flash colors according to the vacancy status of a meeting room in real-time. This not only allows an easy view of room status across the workspace, but also helps prevent meeting disruptions. All the details regarding upcoming meetings can be viewed on these screens as well.

3. Clever Additions to Avoid Ghost Meetings and Double Booking

How many times have you been frustrated to find a booked meeting room occupied by a different team? Think of the times you waited for participants to show up. With the “Start Booking” button, the system gets rid of booked but unused meeting rooms, freeing them for others to use. In case a meeting gets over sooner than expected, the “End Meeting” button notifies the system, while when meetings stretch beyond the stipulated time, the “Extend Meeting” option helps. All the information regarding availability status gets conveyed to the calendar in real-time, so that everyone is kept in the loop.

4. Analytical Reports for Resource Optimization

The Veris dashboard gives a comprehensive view of all meeting rooms at one place. You can track room usage patterns, peak hours, number of meetings, utilization percentage and more through detailed analytical reports. These reports help organizations optimize their space and resources. Underperforming meeting rooms can be ramped up and resource allocation at the right time and place can help make the most of the workspace. If you have several buildings spread across a city, the dashboard can provide you filtered reports, based on time and location.

5. Fabulous Scope for Branding

Meeting room displays can be customized with the company logo, colors and thematics. This creates a great visitor experience and builds the brand image among clients and other visitors. Not to forget, it adds a dash of personality and style to the workplace too.
When meetings can be scheduled as easily as making a call and when they go as per schedule, employees too feel motivated to sit through them and deliver their best. The power-packed all-rounder, Veris meeting room software, can truly transform your workplace.

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