The Winning Case of Bharti Worldmark

The Client: Bharti Realty

Worldmark Aerocity, a massive entertainment and commercial destination near the Delhi Airport, has been developed by Bharti Realty. The destination has attracted some of the biggest global and local brands, including the likes of Sumitomo Mitsui, EY, Grant Thornton, Roseate House and Pullman Hotels. The area comprises of more than 11.5 lakh sq. ft. of office space and 3 lakh sq. ft. dedicated to retail.

Bharti Realty is a vibrant and innovative real estate division of Bharti Enterprises, a leading business group with a strong presence in the telecom, agri business, financial services and manufacturing sectors.

The Business Challenge

Positioned as the new global address, Worldmark boasts of a marquee location, design, architectural excellence and world-class security infrastructure. Worldmark being in a high-security zone, Bharti Realty aimed to install state-of-the-art systems to ensure complete safety. While the company had CCTV cameras with face recognition, DFMD, baggage scanners, and under vehicle surveillance installed, it needed a robust and automated visitor management system that would make the location a truly world-class address.

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Bharti Realty not only needed the visitor management system to work smoothly, but also needed it to achieve the best in safety standards, brand impression and tenant convenience.

The Veris Advantage

Bharti Realty was uncompromising with its requirements and zeroed in on Veris after a rigorous search. Veris is a solution that helps people to meet and transact business in a way that reflects trust, using the power of the internet and one’s most personal device, the smartphone. The Visitor Management System provided by Veris perfectly fit the client’s highly demanding specifications and helped optimize their front desk operations in a smart and secure manner.

Here’s what the Visitor Management System offered:

Security: The system could comply with their strict security norms and help them authenticate every visitor within the premise.

Scalability: The system could manage 1000+ daily visitors and scale-up when required.

Efficiency: The system automated all mundane tasks, offered customizable workflows with the click of a button and enabled business process automation to significantly increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Impression: Despite the many checkpoints, the system ensured a red carpet welcome for all visitors and enhanced the company’s brand image with a self-service check-in.

Impeccable Service: Being installed in an ultra-luxury office space, the Visitor Management System provided by Veris ensured that Bharti Realty could maintain its high-quality service levels.

Feedback from Bharti Realty

Commenting on the Veris app, Mr. Puneet Jhamb from the Procurement Office of Bharti

Realty said, “Veris has allowed us to be compliant with the stringent security norms of Aerocity. With 2 factor authentication we are now more aware of the individuals’ identity and confidently issue access badges to our visitors. Coupled with a super-fast self-serviced check-in, visitors now feel very welcomed at our premises.”

After the tremendous success at Aerocity, Bharti Realty is now implementing an advanced version of Veris in their upcoming development – Worldmark Gurugram. Continuing the offering as a mixed-use development spread, Worldmark Gurugram covers 7 acres, with almost 5 lakh sq. ft. office space and 2 lakh sq. ft. dedicated to retail.

Worldmark Gurugram will bring an unparalleled world-class experience to all commercial and retail clients. And, Veris will ensure security of this destination, while maintaining Bharti Realty’s brand image and visitor convenience among its topmost priorities.

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