The revamped seating for the hybrid workspace

The workplace has changed and so has the way people sit. There are no permanent desks anymore. The office space is now a place which adapts to the needs of the company. The dynamic nature means office seating is now changed forever but what is driving this change?

Its technology! Hot Desking software is taking over. The Veris Hot Desking System enables your hybrid office to incorporate an efficient seating system.

Flexible desking for collaborating

When your employees need to come to work or just miss the office they can simply open the mobile or web app and see the availability of seats. The live map features on the app are extremely helpful, it allows for the live status of seats all over the office. Just open, check, select the date and time and the desk is booked. Hybrid does mean no fixed seats so what If they wish to sit next to their teammates? The system has them covered. The Find my Friend feature allows them to search for their friend’s name on the app and see where they are seated. They can see the availability of seats next to their friends and sit next to them.

Rostering for your perfect flexible working environment

The Rostering feature that is exclusively available on the Veris app allows you to organise everything better at your office. The feature gives your admins all the power they need to manage the office efficiently. In a hybrid workplace, there could be a chance that things get a bit chaotic with every seat available to book for everyone. Using the Rostering feature the admin can block seats or book them for specific teams or employees. If you need to book desks for a longer period of time the feature allows for a recurring booking option. The admin can now block a desk or desks for employees or teams for a longer period of time.

At Veris, we have an entire row booked for the sales team for the next three months. The marketing team has their desks booked for all days except Wednesday, on Wednesday the tech team comes to work and uses the same desks.

Fun fact: In the above example the sales team is on a full in-office schedule, the marketing team is on the office first schedule and the tech team is on a remote first schedule.

Stay informed, flexible and ahead

The system has been developed after taking into account all workplace needs and hence it has all the answers one can need. Filters such as venue, amenities and tags make sure that the desk booked is the absolute correct choice. There is also detailed information about the desk, the schedule of the desk, sanitization status and even which team sits there. Notifications are sent via Push Notifications. Emails and Text Messages to the employees and the admin both. To ensure all information is available to everyone the system is straightforward to understand and comes with multi-lingual support. All this information makes sure that everything functions smoothly at your office.

Everything that your workplace needs with Veris

Veris has been an industry leader and we have achieved this by always staying one step ahead. When we made Desk Booking software we understood all that an organization will need in their journey to digitize the workplace and make it future ready.

The software is mostly used to plan seats but it also understands the ad hoc needs of an organisation and has the On Spot booking feature that offers flexibility. All desks have a QR code that needs to be scanned for the booking to commence, why is this necessary? This is to avoid ghost bookings. If the person doesn’t come to the desk physically and scan the code to commence the booking the system will auto-release the seat.

Veris Desk Bookings has everything your management and employees need. Your hybrid workplace needs a seating system that is as flexible as your workspace. With all the useful features and the ability to configure itself to your company’s needs, it is the best Hot Desking solution for you.

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