The Modern Welcome: Wow your employees & guests with a breeze-through front office experience

A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover but a good cover does add to the overall excellent experience. Technology can now not only solve critical problems for you but can also help you wow your guests. With Veris now you can give your visitors a welcome experience that will be safe, secure and swift.

No more queues

The front desk should be a place which sees queues. The longer people wait the worse the experience gets for them. The system has a user-friendly interface that allows for quickly entering details. A contactless check-in is an option that uses a QR code or Facial Recognition will make the check-in process not just faster but even safer.

You can send a pre-invite to your guests, which will enable them to fill in details from the home itself including a picture of themself. When they arrive at the gate using Facial Recognition all their details will be auto-fetched. Another option is simply scanning the QR code and entering it. This will give them a 3-second check-in experience.

Here is how our state-of-the-art kiosk will look at your reception:

Branded and versatile welcome

The system will mould itself according to its brand. The system is as flexible as your hybrid workspace. You can showcase your brand logo, decide on colour themes, configure to different languages and design unique workflows.

For a multi-national company that is spread across multiple continents, our system configured itself to different languages, for Germany the primary language is German and for the Indian Subcontinent, the language is English.

Different countries have different compliance requirements for example countries in the European Union follow GDPR while other countries might have their own compliance requirements. The system can create unique consent and data retention policy forms that can be displayed before people enter the premises.

Workflows can vary from location to location as well. For a manufacturing giant, Veris understood this and made unique workflows. For the research facility, there was an ‘Approval Hierarchy’ implemented. This means everyone who came to the facility had to be approved. For example, if the person in question is carrying any gadgets with them, the tech team has to approve of them. For the same company’s main office the system is configured to use Facial Recognition for its employees to mark attendance.

Configurable for you

The system is configurable to your company’s needs, all its configurations will help your company reach new levels of efficiency. Here are some examples of some useful configurations:

Access Control: Grant and restrict access based on your own requirements and stay in control of who has access to your facility.

Wayfinder: Nobody would waste time at your premises, Wayfinder provides accurate directions inside the premises.

HRMS: The system will recognize the employees of the organization and give them the power to send invites and auto-fetch their information when they come to work.

Parking: The experience starts as soon as they enter your premises, already have a parking spot blocked for them so they don’t have to waste time looking for parking.

CRM: Have the luxury to add your visitors as leads and make sure no business opportunity is missed.

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