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Real World Challenges Solved by Veris

The Veris visitor management solution is not just an app with many appealing features. It is an experience from the first touch point till the very end; a customizable application that has been designed to suit various types of workflows or process demands of an organization. Its ability to offer a wide range of tangible benefits makes it one of the best visitor management systems to work with.
In both corporate offices and multi-tenant facilities across India, Veris visitor check-in software has solved some long-standing critical issues.

Dishonest Billing by Contractors
Managing multi-tenant facilities or a building that multiple businesses have their offices in, involves regular interaction with contractors for various purposes. These contractors often resort to dishonest billing practices, overcharging a company, based on false working hours; an overlooked aspect for one of our corporate clients before they started using the Veris terminal.
Once the visitor sign-in software was installed, there was no way contractors could demand any extra money, since the system records exactly when the contractors began and ended work. The system generates detailed reports for the admin, which includes the number of hours worked, ID credentials of the deputed personnel and exit times; sending mobile alerts to the admin staff each time someone enters the office premises.
After careful matching of the reports with the bills generated, our client understood that they had been paying extra overhead expenses for a long time. The company was able to save a lot of money as a result, while the contractors could be held accountable for the time spent working.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Storage
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) have been an issue in the manufacturing and IT sectors for a long time now. These crucial agreements have to be signed by visiting clients; prohibiting them from disclosing anything that could impact the business, such as technology prototypes, trade secrets or sitemaps. This could also be important for security.
In the absence of a comprehensive storage system, managing all these paper documents can be a huge hassle. One of our client companies faced a grave legal issue with a competitor after it failed to locate one such NDA from the huge amount of paper files they had stored. After this experience, they chose to deploy the Veris smart visitor management solution for their premises. Now, they can capture a digitally-signed NDA upon visitor check-in, which is further linked to the visitor’s personal records, also captured by the system.
All this information is stored on the cloud for easy retrieval, whenever required, without the problem of physical, safe storage or sifting manually through thousands of files to find a single document.

Women’s Safety
One of the best features of the Veris visitor management system is its ability to integrate third-party applications. We integrated the company cab service to our terminal for a corporate client. This proved to be a safety boon for the female employees, who could now share links of their travel routes with their colleagues, friends or family. The software recorded their entry and exit times, along with vehicle numbers, driver information and contact details. It provided additional security for everyone, especially for employees working late or in odd-hour shifts.

Event Management for Important Functions
A reputed educational institution wanted a comprehensive solution for visitor sign-in and authentication for a seminar that they were conducting. They wanted their audience, which comprised of government officials and foreign dignitaries, to get a red-carpet welcome, without suffering the hassles of a queue for registration and check-in.
The Veris visitor sign-in software allowed pre-registrations and super-fast check-ins through tablets and self-service kiosks. All the guests were sent links of the GPS coordinates to the event with QR code-based digital IDs on their mobile. On arrival, the kiosks generated digital badges for the guests, along with their contact information. This not only created a smooth check-in process but also allowed them to capture user demographics for future event invites.

Data Authentication and Preventing Effort Duplication
The Veris visitor management solution can scan and capture important ID documents, such as the Aadhaar card or voter card, along with the visitor’s image and store it on the cloud to facilitate future check-ins by a regular visitor. They do not have to maintain extensive log-books and do other time-consuming tasks, which can frustrate a visitor.
The Veris smart system is a comprehensive solution to improve organizational efficiency and security. It is a great asset for any company that wishes to enhance a visitor’s experience and its own brand experience.

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