Modern meetings for modern hybrid workplaces

Gone are the days when there used to be fixed desks for working, office floor plans, meeting rooms, etc. We all know that the future of work is hybrid. In hybrid working, employees have the option to either work from home or work from the office. It has brought a significant shift in almost all office activities.

This is because there are multiple touchpoints now. Attendees are no longer sitting in a meeting room to join a meeting. They join meeting from everywhere. Hybrid workplace technology such as meeting room management software needs to felicitate that. Along with this, the software also needs to manage multiple locations to provide a unified experience..

What is meeting room management software?

Meeting room management software, also known as conference room booking software is a hybrid workplace technology that helps organizations efficiently book and reserve office spaces. It is software that helps employees schedule or books a meeting room, along with all the relevant details required for a meeting.  

Now, a very interesting question that might come to your mind is why we need such software, or how does it benefit your organization?

Need for a New Age Meeting Software

Today, every organization is striving to become as digitized as it can be, this also includes meeting rooms. With all the new meeting room management software in the market, an organization must always look for software that can perform multiple tasks. Companies require software that not only just books or schedules a meeting room but also helps the host to ask for information from the guests has a stylish display, is reliable, etc.

Organizations need such software for a variety of reasons:

  • Meeting room efficiency: Managers or hosts of meetings get to know the meeting room usage, which helps them adjust the schedule. This helps in avoiding the wastage of rooms in an office. Did you know? Almost 80% of meeting rooms are unoccupied and unavailable for scheduling a meeting. Hence, meeting room management software allows employees to get accurate data on meeting room availability.
  • Better collaboration: Hybrid workplaces can face a challenge when it comes to managing collaboration between employees. With Veris meeting room management software your employees can send invites to their colleagues and invite visitors. Configurations such as configurations within Zoom meeting rooms ensure that meeting rooms are available for everyone. Outlook and calendar configurations block the time slot so that all your attendees are kept informed. All this ensures that collaboration is not hampered but elevated to a new level.

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  • Get real-time analytics: With meeting room management software, team leaders and managers can efficiently and effectively book meeting rooms. They get real-time analytics and can also manage room occupancy. With such software, they can access various information like which room is booked, the duration for which a meeting room was booked, etc.
  • Cost-efficient: One of the best ways to increase the productivity of the employees is to have regular meetings. A report showed that about 40% of employees waste up to 30 minutes just searching for a vacant meeting room. Thus, digitized meeting room management software comes in handy to eliminate these trivial issues, therefore, allowing the employees to focus more on their work.

We all are well aware of the fact that meetings are an indispensable part of office culture. Meetings serve a dual purpose which is not only to improve the efficiency of the employees but also to make an organization more productive. Hence, adopting just the right kind of meeting room management software is crucial, just like Veris Meetings which is a smart way to invite guests, book rooms & request amenities.

How can veris meetings help your organization?

A better experience for your employees:

By adopting Veris Meetings as your meeting room management software, your employees can schedule meetings in seconds, book rooms on specially designed room displays, and do a lot more than this. A simple meeting room solution can help your entire organization become more productive and efficient.

This will enhance the way that your employees engage with each other. Adopting this hybrid workplace technology would make your employees more efficient and productive by cutting down the time wasted to find the perfect meeting room and inviting attendees.

A smart way to invite guests:

Veris offers software that can easily integrate with your daily calendar, be it Outlook or G-suite, making sure that your calendar, dashboard, and meeting room displays are all updated in real time. Along with this, our intuitively designed touchscreen tablets with LED blinkers keep everyone in the loop and prevent confusion. Different colours on the tablet reflect the room status and display the schedule.

Seamlessly book meeting rooms:

One of the best features of Veris Meetings is that team leaders and managers can schedule a meeting via the mobile app. A unified, mobile-first, human-centric ecosystem for employees and visitors promotes better collaborations within teams and organizations.

Our meetings dashboard gives you a real-time analysis of all meeting rooms alongside a centralized glimpse into the status of each meeting room. This, in turn, helps in avoiding ghost bookings or no-show meetings.

Request amenities:

Veris meetings give your employees the right amenities at the appropriate time. The host can also update the list of amenities available for a particular meeting for the ease of guests.

Meeting room management software work on a pre-planned schedule, which makes it easy for team leaders and managers to know about the occupancy and duration of the meetings. Thus, deploying meeting room software is essential for organizations that want to make their offices more future-ready. Want to know more about how Veris Meetings can help you? Click here.

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