Mobile Based Access Control System Software for a Safer Efficient Workplace

What is a Mobile Based Access Control System?

The workplace of today has an incredible volume of visitors and the workplace of tomorrow will have even more. This means a lot of work for the facility managers. The solutions of the past such as making manual entries, and making manual verifications aren’t just efficient anymore. This can make the entire process frustrating and time-consuming.

There are already a lot of security measures in place like security cameras and, security guards in place that help against keeping those people away who aren’t invited into the building. But in the hybrid workplace of today, we have a lot of visitors who need temporary access for a limited period, and after that, they are no longer required on the premises. In this scenario, an access control system comes in. Access control system software allows you to grant or restrict access depending on your requirements. This makes it an inalienable part of any organization. Mobile-based access control system helps set out a particular time when the visitor is to be welcome on the premises and informs the visitor when the time is up.

Why is it so essential to be a mobile-based remote access control system? Because everything at your workplace is already at your fingertips, why shouldn’t the security of your premises be too?

Identifying a Trespasser

Identifying a trespasser in the workspace is slightly different from identifying a regular trespasser but the logic is very simple. Imagine a scenario, when you are using our mobile phone access control system to grant a visitor access to the premises for a particular amount of time but the visitor overstays their welcome. The access control system would be quick to notify you that the visitor is still on the premises overstaying their welcome. With mobile phone access control system, you are always just a touch away from being in complete control of access to your premises.

Why Mobile Phone Access Control System is a Necessity in the Hybrid Work Space?

The one thing that hybrid and any modern-day workspace has a lot of is employee traffic and hence workspace optimization becomes a top priority. Now with the limited space how can this optimization be achieved? Access control systems are one of the solutions that can help attain optimization. With our access control system, you can be in total control of the traffic in your organization by granting or restricting access. You can now use the same space for different people at different times. Security access control systems that are mobile-based allow you to use your space to its full potential. It also saves valuable time by providing a set period for the visitor’s access to the premises and all the essential details to the owner.

Smarter Veris for Smarter Workplace

Being the industry leader we at Veris understand that mobile-based access control system software for the workplace has to be one step ahead to keep up with our ever-evolving workspaces. After working with and understanding the needs of various multinational companies we have come up with easy solutions that help you identify trespassers and manage visitors:

  • Contactless access control system for remote facility management
  • Invite visitors with QR codes with limited access and time
  • Integrate with EM (Electromagnetic) Locks.
  • Rapid cloud deployment with centralized management and control.

Key Benefits of having Veris Mobile Access Control System  

  • Make your employees and property safer- An access control system ensure that there are no thefts, compliance branches, and safety risks. Admins can now also have the power to allow or restrict someone’s access based on their health status. This all adds up to making your workplace a much safer place.
  • Be fully informed about your place- Veris’s access control dashboard helps monitor and supervise everything in real time. This gives you the ability to have complete control over who is allowed on your premises even if you are away. Get live updates on how many visitors are there on your site. Your facility teams can also easily extract updated access records across multiple offices via one central dashboard to align with compliance needs, reduce duplication and ensure a speedy emergency response. This makes your facility, audit compliance-friendly.
  • Save operational costs- The mobile access control system with its automation eliminates the need to have keys, locks, and manual verification. Cost-saving doesn’t stop there, with far less personal supervision required you save cost there as well. The integration of mobile-based access control systems has been so impactful that has helped organizations save tens of thousands while making them reach a new level of efficiency.
  • Elevate productivity – With easy automated access to areas where employees need to be a lot of precious time is saved. Add to this the knowledge that everyone on the premises has permission to be there makes the workplace so much safer.
  • Verification faster through integrations–  Faster verification enabled by a mobile-based access control system your employees don’t have to stand in lines. Automation enablers make everything just a matter of seconds. You can also have parking integration, integrations with directory services or any other service that you use in your workplace. The most efficient integration is to integrate it with your visitor management system. These systems can work in tandem to reach new levels of security.
  • Customized to your own workplace needs– Customize visitor access rules to your requirements. Your workplace can now be a more dynamic place because of the flexibility that customization offers. Using our mobile access control system software you now can enable your admins to manage the workplace according to the specific requirements of the situation.

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