Here’s What Your Company Can Learn from the Cricket World Cup

Did you know that more than 93% of sports viewers in India watch cricket? This interesting figure released by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), highlights the craze of cricket in India. Most of us watch matches with a religion-like fervour, cheering every shot that crosses the fence and celebrating every wicket taken.

Apart from uniting an exceptionally diverse country, cricket also provides important life lessons, many of which are significant for the corporate world. So, here are a few things that your company can learn from the Cricket World Cup this year. While we are at it, we won’t miss this chance to speak how Veris harps on the very same principles


Teamwork is key to success in any sport and effective communication is at the centre of it. For a cricket team, this applies to everyone involved. A coach needs to effectively communicate his strategies to the team members and the captain needs to ensure that everyone understands the plan. Often communication during a match in nonverbal, with hand gestures that every team member clearly understands.

In a company, communication needs to flow effectively in all directions, within the team and even with all relevant stakeholders like visitors, contract employees, deliverymen amongst others. The time taken to deliver messages plays a critical role in the quality of work-life and in making the efficient use of people’s time.

Take Veris: To make communication smooth and super-fast, the Veris visitor management system has features like visitor pre-registration, self-registration, easy verification and host notifications. With past experience and customer reviews; we definitely know these are the most loved features by teams.

Management and Analysis
The captain of a cricket team needs to manage every player in his team while keeping in mind their strengths and shortcomings. They also need to analyze diverse factors that can come into play during the game, such as the dynamics of the field, the equipment and weather conditions.

Similarly, the success of any business depends heavily on staff management and powerful analysis to aid decision making.

Take Veris: This is the reason that the Veris visitor check-in software has a central dashboard that allows you to easily manage different locations and provides advanced analytics for decision making. Our clients use these reports to deploy staff at high traffic hours, for space management basis most visited departments, to analyse contractor attendance and many more such activities that usually went untracked in a legacy based system or a sad-looking logbook based system

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has stringent rules that need to be followed. Remember the raucous around MS Dhoni’s glove sporting an army insignia? The ICC has regulations and nonadherence can lead to distractions that take the focus away from the game.

Compliance can become a major issue for companies that do not have a stringent process to meet all legal requirements. Failing to do so can hamper the daily operations of a company.

Take Veris: The Veris visitor registration system generates detailed reports which make compliance adherence super-easy. The reports can be created in desirable formats for admin and audit purposes. Given the GDPR rulings and related damages slapped to well-established companies due to data breaches; it has become all the more imperative for firms to ensure the safety of personally identifiable information. Veris is the answer to all logbooks that are high risk and theft-prone!

Trust and Understanding
To function effectively as a unit, the members of a cricket team need to have trust and understanding among each other as well as with their coach. A negative atmosphere in the dressing room shows on the field as well, affecting the outcome of the match.

Any business that aims to succeed needs to establish the same trust and understanding with their clients.

Take Veris: Giving your visitors a seamless experience when they check-in is a great way to achieve this. The Veris visitor management system allows you to do just that. It allows the millennial generation & the Gen Z to experience the same kind of touch-based-low-interaction digital environment that they are used to in their personal lives. Apart from this, it enables you to showcase your brand and make a strong first impression on prospective and existing clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Veris today and make your company’s visitor management strong and agile like your favourite cricketers.

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