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From QR Codes to Face Recognition: How Modern Visitor Management Systems has Evolved

Innovation, recreation, and evolution are terms that have long been associated with technology. Each passing year sees little progress to achieve excellence in the different human-generated systems. Amongst many such inventions is visitor management software which has been around for a significant period of time catering to improve the guest experience. With new modules and features being added every now and then like QR codes in visitor management, the system has come a long way from where it had started. Regular usage leads to newer concerns and brighter ideas, all this just to enhance the safety, security, and experiential part of the platform. The development of a credible and modern visitor management system thus could be the answer to the worries of many enterprises seeking a solution to their problems.

Organisations receive a huge number of visitors, from on-site vendors to client meetings to maintenance even post shutting down for the day. Irrespective, multiple facilities seek to rely on an antiquated touchless visitor management system to keep an eye on who is there, why they’re there, and when they’re there—posing a severe security risk. To assist guests, reception spaces must be staffed at all times, and sign-in logbooks are not only difficult and troublesome, but they also are devoid of a digital record and are always missing data. Plastic cards and guest badges can also be a security hazard, with administrative personnel continuously chasing down guests who have forgotten to give in their badges before exiting.

An entirely touchless modern visitor management system has been voted as a more evolved alternative. These contactless check-in devices not only limit the germ spread in reception areas and lobbies but also provide increased security and a better guest experience. Touchless kiosks and automatic check-in software equipped with QR visitor registration are a wise investment to safeguard the experience of visitors, while also assuring end-to-end security, as contactless technology becomes essential in commercial offices and spaces.

Going Touchless

The evolution of the present visitor management software brings forth the best kind of features forward: security and convenience. A contactless QR code-equipped visitor management system could check in guests without any hassles, maintain a detailed account of their activities, and ensure a superlative end-user experience. This, however, demands in-depth integration with technology from the first touchpoint till the very end. Integration with smartphones, access control systems, and facial recognition would eliminate the need for a receptionist to be on location for long hours. While it may appear that having fewer employees on hand to satisfy social distancing or capacity constraints would compromise the security aspect, on the contrary, mobile visitor systems actually enhance the protection of the assets when used in accordance with the best practices mentioned.

Touchless systems permit a great number of customisations when it comes to capturing the credentials of the visitors, letting the visitors access specific areas in the pre-set timeframe. If an attempt is made, the access control systems would not unlock sending alert notifications to the facility managers. Replacing the decades-old physical badges and sheets to sign in, going touchless and technology-driven makes the entire experience easier, faster, and germ-free.

Technologies taking Visitor Management System a step further

The challenges that the beginning of 2020 made us face have led to the innovation of newer and more advanced technologies. Research, projections, experience, and experts have helped develop ways of upgrading visitor management systems. A good example would be how we moved away from traditional ways of visitor registration to visitor registration with QR codes and facial recognition.

  • Visitor management system with face recognition

Access by fingerprint is slowly being replaced by one of the most evolved features of face recognition. Organisations are working towards implementing this face ID access in offices and buildings. Offering a touchless and modern experience, the onslaught of COVID-19 has made face recognition a highly bankable solution for businesses. The technology helps debunk the myths considered in the past of inaccessible prices, concerns with privacy, accuracy, and many other such challenges. Fulfilling a dual purpose of access control and verification of identity, face recognition is sure to conquer the market in the near future. Its affordable cost of installation, ease of integration, improved quality, and simple usage make it a highly valuable proposition for organisations.

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  • Visitor management system with QR code

With access control on the smartphone for a touchless experience, unique QR codes could be circulated to visitors via SMS or email. Businesses have ranked this as the most cost-effective, convenient, and time-saving procedure ensuring high levels of safety as well as security. Touchless technologies promote automatic sync-ups with visitor management software, as well as directory tools for easy tracking of visitors by facility management.

  • Integration with essential tools

Integrating the visitor management system with tools such as Slack enables streamlining the front-desk experience of guests by offering an organised digital framework. From unorganised paperwork to the conservation of paper and time makes such tools an integral part of the software. Easy visitor notification, following the approval hierarchy and ensuring effective communication create a digital reception environment. Other tools such as Outlook for calendar integrations, Meraki to ensure unique credentials of WiFi, and Microsoft Active Directory for easy syncing of the visitor information with the organisation’s directory.

Future-proofing modern offices

A modern visitor management system is necessary for safe and efficient guest operations. The post-COVID era relies heavily on spaces that are hygienic, safe, and secure. Automating and streamlining the office lobby operations with advanced touchless technologies, gaining real-time data for deducing visitor analytics, and managing the premise accordingly are all that are needed. Strengthening the security of the guests and the building could make the overall end-user interaction seamless. A frictionless and hassle-free experience could make all the difference in the visitor management transformation journey of your organisation.

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