Feature of the Month – Truecaller Integration

With the ever-increasing need to improve day-to-day operations in commercial buildings and manufacturing facilities, software-based visitor management systems are evolving rapidly, making visitor check-ins and security smooth and streamlined. Veris is among the frontrunners in this booming industry in India. It is currently installed at over 2,000 terminals across the country and provides visitor management solutions to some of the largest names in the nation’s corporate landscape, including EY, DLF, Hitachi, Pernod Ricard, Mercedes Benz, Bharti Realty, JCB and more.

What sets Veris apart from the rest is the company’s unflinching dedication towards innovation and smart visitor management solutions. The company comes up with new and exciting features for its trusted software on a regular basis. Truecaller integration is among the most unique provisions in the Veris visitor access control systems. Here’s why.

The Truecaller App
In 2009, Swedish students, Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi, founded Truecaller, aiming to create a service to conveniently identify incoming calls from unknown numbers. Over the years, the number of people using the Truecaller app has seen rapid growth, with user numbers crossing the 130 million mark in 2019. Features provided by the app include Caller ID, spam block, SMS, payments and more. Truecaller is focused on making the mobile phone number every person’s central identity.

Veris and Truecaller
Ever since its inception, Veris has been on a mission to provide the best possible visitor experience and has come up with many ways to achieve seamless visitor check-ins. Truecaller integration is another step in this direction. The combination of the Veris software and Truecaller allows for super-fast and super-easy sign in and printing of digital badges for guests. It also reduces the dependency on OTPs, which can be time-consuming and even unreliable in certain cases.

How it Works
With Truecaller, visitors can check-in at a Veris terminal in just one step. The visitor is given an option to scan a QR code with their Truecaller app. As soon as they do so, the information they have provided in the Truecaller app is fetched automatically by Veris and is auto-filled into the terminal. A visitor badge is then printed. In this way, the guest is able to save precious time and effort, by not having to manually fill in all the required information. This helps create secure and seamless interactions and build trust among people in the offline world.

The Vatika Experience
The Vatika Group, a leading real estate developer in India, has incorporated the Veris-Truecaller integration for visitor check-ins at their business centres. The system has been especially useful for enhancing visitor management at their various office premises, enabling them to manage visitors, both incoming and outgoing, in a secure and efficient way. Whether a visitor has arrived for an important meeting or simply deliver a package, they can confirm their identity in a frictionless manner.

Needless to say, competition is very high in the corporate world and it is only going to increase with time. A smart and efficient visitor management system can save a lot of valuable time and money for your company while providing a unique brand experience to every visitor. So, the Veris software; apart from offering seamless visitor management, also works as a great marketing tool.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a savvy decision and give your business the Veris boost.

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