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Veris Visitor Management System for Real Estate

Technology has revolutionized every sector, even the real-estate industry. The industry is touted by many experts as one of the biggest commodities in the world, valued globally at a whopping $217 trillion, as of 2016, with 75% contribution coming from residential properties, according a report on Fortune.

While the real estate sector has often lagged behind, when it comes to the adoption of new technologies, it catching up fast. Real estate firms increasingly understand the positive implications of technology to their bottom line. Evolving tech is helping them streamline the complicated and lengthy processes and in a paperless manner.
The Veris visitor management system is one of the smartest technologies helping real estate players today. Let’s see how.

Veris Visitor Management Software for Real Estate Firms
A visitor management system like that of Veris helps enhance the valuation of a property. Along with CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition, DFMD, under vehicle surveillance and baggage scanners, the top real estate ventures are also including robust and automated visitor management systems for complete security. Not only just this help them achieve world-class security infrastructure, it also helps address critical issues, such as client poaching by rival companies.
With the Veris system, real estate agents can keep track of repeat visitors. They can know if a client is visiting multiple times to inspect their properties with different agents. The details regarding these visits are recorded, so that a real estate firm can understand the level of market competition and be aware of any rival firms trying to poach their clients.

How Is This Achieved?
The Veris system helps clients interact with a business in a way that reflects trust. All this is achieved through the power of the internet and smartphones. Realty firms are able to provide unparalleled experiences to commercial and retail clients, helping them achieve the best safety standards, tenant convenience and brand impression.

1. Strong Database and Analytics
The system can record all data pertaining to clients visiting the premises, including age, demographics, personal details and number of times they visited. A comprehensive database, securely stored on the cloud, helps the business understand prospective buyers and their preferences or buying habits. Genuine buyers can be listed on the dashboard. This data can be used in future marketing and promotional campaigns.

2. Customer Authentication with the Right Channel Partner
A particular client can be associated with multiple channel partners. The system uses the last 5 digits of the agent’s mobile number to ascertain which channel partner should be paid the commission. This avoids confusion and duplicity in commissions.

3. Efficient Customer Mapping
Whenever a channel partner checks-in through the system, a notification is sent both to the concerned relationship manager and the channel partner. This helps process formalities in a faster and smoother manner. Any grievances from clients can be quickly resolved, without wasting time. The relationship manager can be kept in the loop throughout the dealings.

4. Digitization of Forms
One of the biggest ways technology has helped the real estate sector is by allowing it to go paperless. Time-consuming and energy wasting formalities can be avoided. The Veris terminal allows digitization of important documents and forms to be filled. Clients can simply fill them and upload them on the system, to be viewed by associated channel partners and relationship managers.

5. Professional First Impression
An agent or channel partner, who is conducting all business through a sleek iPad, will be favorably looked upon by today’s buyers. A robust and automated check-in system helps to create a strong brand image for the company and establishes trust or credibility.
Veris has aided some of the biggest names in the real estate sector, in providing uncompromising security standards and client experiences. It can truly make any location a world-class address.