Why Every Facility Manager Needs a Visitor Management Tool?

Recently updated on November 5th, 2022 at 11:48 am

Facility managers are responsible for making enterprises secure from all vulnerabilities. They are required to manage all staff and vendor movement day in and day out – be it cleaning and repair schedules, renovation projects or safety inspections. When premise entrance and exit aren’t secure, companies are prone to endless threats. Apart from secure access, facility managers also need to facilitate effortless visitor check-in with optimum utilization of time and resources. Installing a good visitor management system is the answer to all these woes.

Veris is a visitor management system that leverages the power of the cloud to minimize hardware requirements. It helps facility managers improve premise security with time-stamped records, verified phone numbers, and a photograph of each visitor. It also enhances efficiency by saving employee, guest, and admin time through visitor pre-registration and tablet self-check-in. Veris allows you to optimize your front desk operations to give the guests the welcome that they deserve!

Why every facility manager should upgrade to the Veris advantage:

Capturing Information

Capture the visitor’s necessary details such as name, photograph, mobile number, and other desired information seamlessly. Double the security by validating submitted information via active directories and government databases. Even if you have more than one entrance to your office building or multiple offices around the world, the facility manager can manage and organize it all using a single Veris account.

Easy Access

Time is valuable. Through visitor recognition show them that they are being expected. Veris allows the users to send invites with GPS coordinates, parking instructions, and consequent Wi-Fi authorization to save time and efforts ensuring a lasting impression. Using Veris you can also save recurring visitors’ details to eliminate the repetitiveness of the process.

Instant Notifications

Veris instantly notifies the hosts when their visitors check-in and check-out, thereby helping the organization maintain a log of the time spent by each visitor in the office premise. The facility manager can customize the check-in screens to suit the company’s security and access protocol allowing authorized personnel only.

Crisis Management

Veris enables you to send SMS notifications to all the visitors in the building in case of an emergency or if the building needs to be evacuated. It can also be used to determine the presence and real-time location of the visitors within the facility. Veris can be integrated with facility’s existing business and security systems.

Veris provides robust and flexible visitor management solutions to help facility managers streamline their daily operations while providing visitors with a safe and efficient experience.