Drawbacks in Present Facility Security Process

Multi-tenant office spaces face many challenges, with respect to the established office security systems. Each tenant is a different business with varying security needs. How do you justify all tenant needs and security expectations?

Not only office spaces, but residential communities also face a lack of adequate security protocols. We have seen most of these high-rises being located in the outskirts of cities, in upcoming neighbourhoods, which lack proper infrastructure and are often secluded.

The Veris electronic visitor sign-in system helps address key security challenges faced by business owners and facilities managers on a daily basis. Rapid digitization has enabled our smartphones to solve critical issues of our day-to-day lives, including that of security.

Lack of Appropriate Visitor Records

Even today, despite advancements in technology, a large number of multi-tenant buildings still use logbooks and registers to check visitors in. Most of the times, the information is provided is illegible and there is no guarantee regarding the authenticity of the information provided. And in times of emergency, there is no way to search and extract useful information from the register quickly.


The Veris visitor management system offers a simplified registration process, where all visitor records are stored on the cloud, along with their ID proof and verified mobile numbers. Security personnel can authenticate these numbers, and issue them as digital ID badges. The system can even remember pre-registered guests, and allow them fast check-ins.

Residents in apartments or office personnel, who are expecting visitors, are sent real-time notifications on their smartphones regarding the arrival of their guests. They can even give instructions to the security guards or receptionists through the software, about letting them in or refusing them entry, or just asking them to wait till you are free to meet them.

This is especially great for elderly residents, who can avoid unwelcome guests at odd hours. Sitting in offices, or while travelling, you can get an idea of the visitor flow to your apartment, where your loved ones are, and ensure their safety. Simply showing up at an office, without prior appointments, can become a thing of past. The guest registration software can work in both online and offline modes, negating the aspect of any loopholes.

Lack of Skilled Security Workforce

Most security guards in multi-tenant facilities are under-educated, unskilled transitional workforce, without any training in security management. Their effectiveness might not be up to the standards, and they often need to be closely monitored. Moreover, without any proper data on visitors or staff entries, it is a challenge to optimize the number of security guards needed for adequate security of the premises. Increasing their numbers also attracts significant costs for the building and business owners.


The Veris software can act as a visitor tracking system, where security guards can keep an eye on every visitor on the premises. In case a visitor overstays their allotted time, the authorities are automatically alerted, while also receiving the necessary visitor data. On the other hand, in an emergency situation that requires a quick evacuation of people from the premises, alerts can be sent to the phones of visitors as well as employees or residents. There is no need to expand the security force since multiple locations can be viewed from a single real-time dashboard. The system can generate detailed visitor flow reports for the benefit of the admin department.

Apart from this, Veris office security systems also allow the creation of hierarchy-based viewing permissions. The admin head can view all movement in the premises centrally, while the rest of the security team can get to view records as per their clearance level.

The Veris electronic visitor sign-in system records all information and stores it on the cloud, which means there is no scope of data loss, in case of a disaster or system failure. Moreover, multiple self-registration kiosks can be established, so that long visitor queues can be avoided. Multi-tenant premises often face chaos with numerous people seeking entry at the main entrance. This leads to some bad actors managing to get inside unnoticed. Even if the influx of visitors increases three or four-fold, facilities managers can ensure optimum security, without the need to increase the number of guards.

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