Visitor management for multi-tenant facilities

Managing multiple tenant companies and their visitors, off-site employees, deliveries and vendors can be cumbersome and tricky. Veris is a secure, seamless, visitor management solution enabling quick check-ins, simplified visitor badging & seamless integration with building & tenant security cum business operations.

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Multi-tenant ready, always.

Designed for multi-tenant situations, our visitor management solution makes information sharing & visitor tracking, simple and seamless. With our solution, building management & tenant organisations gain hierarchy based access to the relevant visitor data within minutes.

Personalised features for your enterprise

Features that stand Out

Offline mode for internet downtime

Custom solution to enable building-tenant data sharing

Custom solution to enable building-tenant data sharing

Multiple kiosks to check-in high visitor volumes

Evacuation alerts to all building visitors in case of emergency

Realtime dashboard with advanced analytics & role-based hierarchies